Middle School

In the first assembly of the school year, the House Spirit Cup was introduced to Middle School students. The original House Cup, dating back to 1946, was found and this sparked the idea that we would like to reward House spirit and not simply the best performing House teams.

Points for the House Spirit Cup will be awarded for a range of things from the House that wears their House colours with the most pride at House events, to the best House chant. Each House has produced a one-minute video, which must include the House chant and demonstrate House spirit. I am the judge of the House Spirit Cup and the awarder of House points!

We will inform you of the winner at a later date

The Middle School Heads of House are also exploring activities to involve our students and to continue to nurture House pride.  They will be looking at activities that maximise participation, and that are lot of fun. 

On Wednesday 19 May, the Houses competed in a giant Tunnel Ball event. Each member of the House was involved. It was a lot of fun, challenging, but most importantly, a great activity to enhance student interactions and to build House spirit.

Later this term the Middle School Houses will be competing against each other for Rungie Cup points through table tennis and chess events. Healthy competition with maximum participation and compliance with social distancing will be ensured. 

Reconciliation Week

Wednesday 27 May, is the beginning of Reconciliation Week. Reconciliation is about building respectful relations – between our First Nations people, and the wider Australian community. It is about growing understanding and committing to action to help fix the disparity that exists in our community.

We have come along way, but the disparity between the lives of indigenous and non-indigenous people still exists. In some instances, the disparity is growing.

There are many ideas we hope students will learn more about during Reconciliation week, such as:

  • The significance of Welcome to Country
  • The Aboriginal Flag
  • The Apology
  • The Stolen Generation
  • Land rights.

In Tutor lessons we plan for students take some time to explore the many resources that exist about reconciliation and to have some respectful discussion about what we can do to promote reconciliation and equality.

Paul Ryan

Head of Middle School