Last week the co-curricular program began in Kurrajong. The children that were registered through the TryBooking process earlier in the term experienced Aikido, AusKick, Netty, Hookin2Hockey and MiniRoos. Please contact Kurrajong Sport Coordinator, Mr Ben Searle, for any questions related to the sports on offer and registrations, ben.searle@pulteney.sa.edu.au.

The Kurrajong Dance program will continue in an online format for Term 2 until further notice. Any questions regarding Performing Arts, including Kurrajong Dance or tutor lessons, should be communicated to Mr Jonathon Rice, jonathon.rice@pulteney.sa.edu.au.

Children are able to wear their sports uniform on a day that they have a co-curricular sport after school. Any students that are not collected at the end of the co-curricular session will be taken to OSHC.

Grandparents’ Day Letter Writing in Year 2

Year 2 students enjoyed writing letters to their grandparents, addressing the envelopes and walking to the post office to post them. This literacy activity allowed the children to practise how to write letters and to think carefully about what to include. We hope grandparents enjoy receiving their missives.

Return of iPad Chargers

Due to the Pulteney@Home program at the end of Term 1, iPad devices were sent home, as well as the chargers needed to charge the iPad. Unfortunately, we are still waiting on many chargers to be returned. If you still have your child’s iPad charger at home, please send it back to school. Thank you.

Pulteney Storybook Series

Each Friday we will be sharing a storybook online read by one of our Pulteney staff members. Storytelling helps to build connections among people and improves listening skills that are essential in learning and in relationships. We hope your family enjoys listening to the books selected each week by members of our school community. Tihs week our Deputy Principal, Greg Atterton is sharing a book titled ‘The Things I Love About Friends’ by Trace Moroney.

You can watch Greg's video HERE.

There is a free Parenting Webinar addressing Sibling Conflict with Madhavi Nawana Parker available, details are below.

Spotlight on ELC Music

In ELC Music classes we have been singing and playing instruments and moving to music. We have been exploring sounds that we can make by looking at ‘loud and soft’ with the theme of animals. We then transfer what the students know about loud and soft music to other ideas. The year began with the theme of ‘myself and my community’ and then we followed the interests of the children. When children dress up, they use their imagination which in turn inspires themes such as the focus on animals. Music can accelerate brain development by supporting overall literacy and specifically reading and verbal language skills.  It can also ignite social and emotional Intelligence, motor skills development and give children an opportunity to express themselves. Music involves mathematical skills, such as counting, patterns and symmetry, while reflecting the rhythm of life and the world. Through music, children are taught about themselves and their community, about the world and how to live in harmony with others. 

Narelle Steffan

Kurrajong Music