Focus - Sports and Special Interest photos – Order details

Please find information here regarding the sports or special interest photos taken in October.  The most recent photos taken (Term 4 groups) will be online as soon as possible.  Please use this link to go to Focus Photography.  You can only order these photos online. If you wish to order photos, please can this be done by 13 November 2020.

The photos are available to view online now using the access/shoot key 4A2JCLBJ.

Drive Tennis Trials

With the end of the 2020 tennis season quickly approaching we are setting our sights on selecting what will be the Drive team for 2021. For those who are unaware, the Drive team is compiled of the very best players in the school, male or female, who play in a weekly competition at one of the Memorial Drive tennis court locations (hard court or clay court). Pulteney has had a very successful history in this competition, finishing top of the ladder in the Division 2 draw in 2019, being promoted to the Division 1 competition in 2020, where they are currently placed in a very competitive position with two weeks to play.

In order for us to select the best players for this team we invite ALL students who wish to try out and be consider for the 2021 Drive team, to attend selection training on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 7.00am-8.15am, in weeks 6-8 of Term 4.

It should be noted that attendance is compulsory to ALL sessions if students wish to be considered for the team (if at any time the student is not able to attend, an email should be sent to both Glyn Whatley and Marcus Wagstaff at the earliest convenience.)

We look forward to welcoming students for the first trial session on Tuesday 17 November, 7.00am at the Pulteney Tennis Centre.

Glyn Whatley

Sports Coordinator

Marcus Wagstaff

Drive Team Coach

Lynne Loh

Drive Team Manager