Prep School

Australian Mind Lab Olympics Team 2020

Congratulations to the following students who very ably represented Pulteney Grammar at the Australian Mind Lab Olympics 2020 on 9 November: 

  • Luke Hughes
  • Maicher Ren
  • Leon Boffo
  • Wen Hui Teoh
  • Alisha Yu
  • Matthew Liu
  • Harry Marks
  • Angus Perry

The Mind Lab Olympic Tournament is an educational competition that brings children together from a range of Independent Schools each year as they compete in a championship series of thinking games. Thank you to Gen Corbo for training the students in the lead up to the competition and for all her work in leading the Mindlab program within the Prep School.

SAPSASA competition

Congratulations to Angas Moyse and Kiera Foster who were selected to compete in the SAPSASA Softball Competition last week. Angas’ team came equal first in the competition and while Kiera’s team did not take a place they were successful in winning games during the week.

Year 5 Camp

The Year 5 students and staff are in the final stages of preparation for their three-day aquatics camp based at Openlight Campsite in Victor Harbor, from Wednesday 11 to Friday 13 November.

The program for the 3-day outdoor experience includes:

  • Group initiatives
  • Tent set up and camping
  • Camp cooking
  • Ocean safety and surf session
  • Introduction to canoeing
  • Nature walk and education
  • Shelter design and construction
  • Beach Olympics

I look forward to joining the students and staff at Victor Harbor during the week as they participate in their outdoor learning experience.

Denise O’Loughlin

Head of Prep

Prep School Talent Show

The Prep School Music room beamed with fun and talent last week. Students in Years 3 to  6 filled the stage with their unique acts and amazing talent. The performances varied from a magic trick to a solo on violin, from a comedy ‘disappearing legs’ routine to a solo on classical guitar.

Led by the witty and humorous judges, aka Music Leaders; Scarlett Lamb, Georgina Skibinski, Alicia Bollinger and Imogen Thompson, performers gained house points for participation and teamwork. The outstanding winning acts were given another performance opportunity named ‘Live at Line Up’ in the schoolwide initiative ‘Creative Expressions Week’ this week.

The audience was made up of students in the Prep School who were supportive and encouraging of each performing act, particularly those challenged with facing their fears of shyness to a packed full house. Congratulations to all those that performed.

Sally Oxenberry

Prep School Music Teacher