Pulteney Celebrates

Pulteney Celebrates in times of Covid-19

This year’s Pulteney Celebrates will proceed thanks to the continuing successful management of the pandemic in South Australia, but will do so with some restrictions to maintain appropriate CovidSafe protocols.

The School wishes to advise that, in accordance with both School and venue CovidSafe protocols: 

  • Pulteney Celebrates will be limited to a maximum of 700 attendees
  • Attendance will be limited to:
    • Prize winners
    • Year 11 and Year 12 students
    • Parents and family of prize winners
    • Parents and family of Year 12 students
    • Staff of the School
  • 1.5m social distancing protocols will be in place through the auditorium
  • Hand sanitiser will be available upon arrival

Further information regarding the evening and CovidSafe protocols will be disseminated to all attendees closer to the event. We look forward to 2021 and the chance to welcome the broader school community once more.