Lego League

First LEGO League (FLL) Adelaide Regional #1

On Sunday 8 November the Pulteney Pro Programmers competed in the First LEGO League (FLL) Adelaide Regional #1. First LEGO League is an amazing competition that has three key components. The first part to the competition is the robot. The teams must design, build and program a robot that can complete as many challenges as possible on the game table in two and half minutes. The second part is an innovation project where the team uses the competition theme to identify and solve a real-world problem. They work with a mentor, in our case it was Michelle den Dekker, to complete this task. This year the Pulteney Pro Programmers designed an application to get kids active. They used sensors and code to ‘gamify’ skill development in young athletes. The final part of the competition is all about how the team displays the Core Values of FLL. These include co-operation, teamwork, inclusion and problem solving.

It is my great pleasure to announce that the Pulteney Pro Programmers won the Champions award reflecting their high level of achievement across all three areas of the competition.

The team was coached by Thomas Ranieri and Georgie Buenfeld and included the following students:

Charles Delin

Thomas Mitchell

Owen White

Mark Xu

Lincoln Davey

Emma Totman

Joshua Holmes

Tai Le

Joshua Song

Nicholas Hillen

The team will now progress to the Nationals which will be held virtually later in the year. Congratulations must go to everyone involved!

Georgie Buenfeld

Learning Area Leader – Digital Technologies 

Prep Resource Centre Teacher Librarian