Pulteney Drive Team 2020

On Saturday 14 November, The Pulteney Drive team will play their last competition round for 2020. Not only does it mark the final Drive matches for the year, It also marks the departure of 4 exceptional Year 12 tennis players.

Since 2016 I have had the honour of looking after a team who are a credit to their school every week. I am immensely proud of them; particularly the dedication and hard work they have given over the last few years. On a very personal note, thank you for being a welcoming and inclusive team to the tiny kid from year 4 that joined you. Brendan played his first Drive match for Pulteney as a reserve player in November 2016. Joining a senior team, as a 10-year-old, was a nerve-wracking experience for him. But reflecting the school, its students’ values, and the community spirit that Pulteney is renowned for, he was embraced into the group and nurtured throughout the next few years he has spent with this wonderful team. Where tennis is concerned, age knows no boundaries.

So, thank you. It has been a joy to watch you all play and I have absolutely no doubt you will all succeed in whichever path you follow in the next stage of your journey. You are leaving behind a gigantic void and will be greatly missed.

Declan: I have never met a more organised hard-working student! You are a born leader and you will be brilliant at whatever you do. It’s just a given. I wish I had your work ethic.

Kristo: having you in the team has increased the fun level and entertainment for everyone. I have loved having you part of the team. I will never forget you turning up for the first Drive match this year in a “Head of Sport” shirt. You make everyone laugh. You are a wonderful mentor to the younger team members and an amazing tennis talent – do not stop playing!!

Dyllan: what can I say?! Your motivational speeches and jokes are irreplaceable. It’s impossible to know how your match is going as you constantly smile all the way through it. I have never met a tennis player who is equally happy to lose 0-6, as he is to win 6-0.

The Drive consists of 6 tennis players. Without 6 players the team is incomplete. Liam, you may be the number 6 player, but to me you are the most important member of the team. Your positivity, hard work and 100% effort has been outstanding. You have been there for the team whether you were playing or not. You exemplify the ultimate team player. Thank you.

Saturday 14 of November will be an extraordinary sad day for me. However, we have a job to do for next year.

2021 Drive Team Positions

In week 6, Drive training will begin the job of filling 4 enormous pairs of tennis shoes. ANYONE is welcome to come and try out for one of the 4 positions that will be available for term 1, 2021 and join Gavin and Brendan in the team. Please come along to training - which are compulsory Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 7-8.15am. Everyone is welcome and I would encourage any tennis player to have a go. The Drive team is not restricted to senior years – the best 6 players are selected regardless of age or gender. So, come and have a go, you have nothing to lose and I guarantee a warm welcome and fun!

In the meantime, good luck Declan, Kristo, Dyllan and Liam in your next adventure. Spare some time to pop in on a Saturday morning and cheer on The Pulteney Drive. You will always be part of my team.

Lynne Loh

Drive Team Manager