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Pulteney Review Weekly. Term 4, Week 4 2020

This week's update

View this week's update with Jonathon Rice.

What You Need To Know This Week
one ninety

Senior Drum Corp, Legacy Walk - Friday 6 November 2020 -  Consent form here

Prep School 

Year 6 2021 Parent Information Morning – Monday 23 November 2020 – RSVP here
Year 3 Outdoor Education Camp – Thursday 19 to Friday 20 November -  Consent Form here
Prep Concert Choir - end of year events -  Tuesday 24 November and Thursday 26 November - Consent form here

Middle School

Year 7 Zoo Excursion – Friday 20 November - Consent click here
Year 7 Chinese Chinatown Excursion – Wednesday 18 November - Consent click here
Year 8 Chinese Chinatown Excursion – Friday 20 November - Consent click here
Year 9 Final Assembly – click here for attendance

The Pulteney Foundation Golf Day
The Pulteney Foundation Golf Day 

Always a fun day, we hope to see you there.

Invitation to Players
Friday 13 November
11.30am registration - 12.30pm tee off
Mount Osmond Golf Club
Fee is $150 and includes
Green fees 18 holes
Light Lunch before tee off
Post Round Dinner & Presentation
Bookings at

Middle School
Middle School Subject Choices 2021

Students in Year 8 have chosen their Year 9 electives for 2021 using Web Preferences and the next step will involve each student’s Heads of House meeting with them to confirm elective selection.

In the next few weeks, the Heads of House will, with the student, work out any problems that may exist with their selection. In some cases, students may be asked to swap the time order of the electives they have chosen to even up class numbers. For example, some students may be asked to do Photography in Semester 2 rather than Semester 1. If there are any problems achieving a student’s preferences that will be discussed with the student at the subject counselling session.

Students in Year 6 and 7 have been asked to use Web Preferences to nominate their Language choice for 2021. It is the expectation that Year 7s continue with the Language that they are currently learning. If a change is required that should be discussed with the Learning Area for Languages, Frau Kirsty Hickman-Davis. The Web Preferences link has been sent to the Year 6 parents and Year 7 students.

Transition Day

On Friday 13 November, the Middle School will host new students and Pulteney Grammar Year 6 students for our Transition/Orientation Day.

This day coincides with PE Day where activities will be organised for students in the Quad at recess and lunch. It will also be a casual clothes day with a ‘Wear Your Team Colours’ theme, so students are welcome to wear casuals, or sportswear in their favourite team colours.

Students can bring their own lunch, purchase lunch from the Tuck shop or enjoy the PE Day sausage sizzle, which normally costs $2 per sausage.

During the day students will be engaging in a range of activities to make them familiar with the Middle School and with each other.

City Week

As has been tradition in the Middle School for a number of years, Year 9 City Week will again take place this year, running from Monday 16to Friday 20 November. During this week, all Year 9 lessons will be suspended as students conduct a city research project in groups. The week will be a culmination of work undertaken during Wellbeing, English, and Geography lessons, and is a wonderful opportunity for the students to engage with the wider community, conduct further research and undertake interviews.

The expectations, format and concept of this special week will be explained to the students during a series of year level information sessions, which will be delivered through Wellbeing Lessons in Term 4. There will be several presentations from members of the community, as well as sessions designed to assist students with the challenges of working in a group. Group planning and specific curriculum content will also be delivered during English and Geography lessons over the coming weeks.

Pulteney is very much a part of the Adelaide city square mile. In our curriculum, we endeavour to forge a strong connection between our students and their city to help them to define what it means to be an active global citizen.  We also believe that the resources of the city provide a ‘rich classroom’ that can dramatically enhance the curriculum and engage the students in relevant and experiential learning.

During City Week our students will make these connections in a structured, challenging, and meaningful way. Students are organized into groups of three or four, and each group will be assigned a staff and student mentor, who will guide and oversee their progress throughout the week.

Students will still be required to be punctual to school each morning in order to attend morning Tutor Group and meet with their mentors. They will be able to sign out and leave the school to visit relevant city locations, places and people independently, research their topic, and interview key stakeholders. All students will be expected to provide contact details so that they can be supported throughout the week. In 2020 students are increasingly encouraged to engage with the City community during the City Week period and, in the lead up to this week, should be booking in relevant activities, such as interviews, site visits, surveys, tours etc. In the past, students have been very responsible in this regard and we are confident that the 2020 Year 9 students will be the same.

When out and about in the city, they are expected to: 

  • Wear their correct full school uniform.
  • Utilise their time effectively for their investigation.
  • Represent the school impeccably; and
  • Behave in a sensible, safe, and appropriate manner at all times.

As it is a normal school week for the remainder of the school, students are expected to attend their normal sport practices and matches.

Students will be able to buy lunch or a snack when they are in the city, but this should not happen every day. As a guide from past years, students are encouraged not to have more than $40 for the week. We would encourage any member of the Pulteney community, including family and friends of the students, to arrange to meet with groups and share relevant experiences and information related to their investigation to build further community engagement with our students.

The students will present to the school community both the process they followed, as well as their findings from their investigation, in the City Week Expo, in the Middle School Building at 6.00pm on Tuesday 1 December 2020. Projects will compromise of a booth at the Expo as well as the screening of a 5-minute documentary for each group. Attendance at the evening is compulsory for all Year 9 students. All families and members of the community are warmly invited to attend and celebrate the hard work of the Year 9s.

Middle School Heads of Houses

Year 7 Wellbeing Program

This term our Year 7 wellbeing program will have four key focus areas:

  • Being Fit for Study – a focus on good exercises and stretches to help you while you are studying
  • Cyber Safety and online gaming
  • Pulteney Wellbeing Team presentation – focusing on individual personalities
  • Puberty, Relationships and Diversity

These topics will be delivered through a combination of guest speakers and our wellbeing teachers. The content will include resources from the e-safety commissioner, the Child Protection Curriculum and Shine SA. 

The Year 7 students will have the opportunity to learn more about their individual personalities, and the conceptual differences between people, by undertaking The Big 5 personality questionnaire. This is one of the most widely accepted personality theories amongst the scientific community.  The Big 5 is a trait-based model of personality which looks to describe people in terms of a spectrum on traits such as: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism.

Although personality traits cannot predict behaviour, by learning about The Big 5, students will have a better understanding of why people may react differently, behave differently, and see things differently from others in the same situation. Such knowledge can assist with students better understanding the behaviours of their peers whilst developing greater self-awareness of themselves. The Big 5 personality test can be accessed from the following link:

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss any element of our Pulteney Wellbeing program and how we develop our Pulteney Attributes of Wellbeing.

Steve McCulloch

Head of Student Wellbeing


Prep School

Students in the Prep School will participate in a range of lunchtime activities this week as part of ‘Creative Expressions Week’.

We will celebrate student learning to date by sharing films made during Humanities and Social Science and library lessons. These will include examples from the Year 5 History Monologues and Vlogs (video blogs about their Best Book Ever!), the Year 6 book advertisements and Year 3 Book Trailers. Year 4 students will share their video games created during Digital Technologies lessons with Year 2 students. It is hoped that by sharing this work, students will continue to develop their film making and programming skills in future years.

Other activities on offer during the week will include a ‘Music Maker Space’ for individual or groups of students to experiment with their musicality and an opportunity for students to have fun creating and making some ‘Slam Poetry’. Ia, Kiera, Elliot and Jake from Year 5 have also volunteered to share their busking skills during the week, and the children who won the recent Prep School Talent Show will entertain students at our Assembly. 

Our final celebration of the Arts for the year will be the Prep School Art Show to be held during the last week of term. Further information will be sent to parents about this in due course.


Denise O’Loughlin

Head of Prep School 

Matilda The Musical

Year 6 participation

All current year 6 students are able to participate in the 2021 Middle and Senior School musical production of Matilda.

To do this the children need to attend the “cattle call” on Friday 6 November in the theatrette from 3.45pm till approx. 5.45pm.

Written information about this will be presented to all year 6 students in class this week. Please have a look through this documentation but a formal approval for your child to be part of the cast is not yet required and will be done electronically.

Any concerns of issues please contact me at

 Jonathon Rice

Learning Area Leader Performing Arts

Head of Performance and Instrumental Music

Class Placements

The 2021 classroom lists are almost complete. Placement for students result from a range of information gathered from the current year by Classroom and Inclusive Education Teachers, together with an awareness of individual student academic and social development and peer interactions. The successful implementation of these guidelines ensures a smooth transition whereby the learning and wellbeing of each student remains paramount. Staffing for next year is still in the process of being finalised and a letter outlining class placements for 2021 will be sent to parents and carers in due course. Please note that all written requests from parents will be taken into consideration as class lists are formed. The latest date for any further parent requests is 6 November 2020. As it is important for us to consider the needs of each individual child as we formulate class lists, requests by parents may not always be able to be met. Thank you for your understanding with this matter.

Bugs Incursion

On Monday 9 November the Reception Mid-Year and Year 1 students will enjoy a visit from The Bug Show. The children will be presented with many live animals from a variety of invertebrate groups. This incursion will complement the inquiry of living things in both year levels. The children and teachers are looking forward to the visit.

ELC Christmas Concert

On Wednesday 2 December the ELC students would like to share with their parents what they have been learning in their Music lessons with Mrs Narelle Steffan. The children have been enthusiastically learning a range of Christmas songs and actions. ELC Y children will have their session with parents on the verandah outside their classroom at 9.30am on that day. Students in ELCT and ELCW will present their performance at 4pm in the Kurrajong courtyard. Parents are welcome to come and listen to their child join in with the group as they sing the Christmas story. Children that do not attend the ELC on a Wednesday are welcome to join with their parent supervision. Please be mindful that the children will be ready to go home with you after the event and will need to be signed out. If you intend to keep your child in the ELC after the presentation, please ensure they have settled with this arrangement before you leave.  We hope you can join us for this Christmas end of year celebration.

Pulteney Storybook Series

Each Friday we will be sharing a storybook online read by one of our Pulteney staff members or students. Storytelling helps to build connections among people and improves listening skills that are essential in learning and in relationships. We hope your family enjoys listening to the books selected each week by members of our school community. This week you can watche Gifted and Talented Coordinator Sue Mavropoulos share a book titled ‘Cat in the Hat’ by Dr. Suess.








Natalie Natsias

Head of Kurrajong

Creative Expression Week

In week 4, we will be celebrating our inaugural “Creative Expression Week” at Pulteney. This came out of a conversation about how we could marry the plethora of visual and creative thinking, learning and expression that happens in every part of this wonderful school; it promises to be a celebration of all of the amazing creativity that happens in every sub-school and across every learning area. It embodies the exhibition side of problem-based learning and will include performances, screenings, exhibitions, hands-on activities – the list goes on! Every lunchtime and seemingly every space will be filled with options, from Kurrajong to Prep to Chapel to the Quad, giving students the chance to be fully immersed in the wonderful creativity that surrounds and lives in their learning.

There will also be opportunities for the broader Pulteney community to see the fruits of our labour, with a number of things being screened online – so keep an eye out for links to things like the Pulteney Film Night, which will be an online experience this year. There will be daily notices to keep students abreast of the key activities and we promise to keep social media full!

Enormous thanks must go to the many staff involved in bringing all this together – there are far too many to mention – and to the core group of teachers who have driven this exciting initiative. So, please get involved as much as you can in what we hope is the first of many “Creative Expression Weeks”.

John McCall                                                                                           

Learning Area Leader – English                                                             

Teacher of English, Legal Studies & Integrated Learning                                                                                                  

Lauren Sutter

Conservation Corps facilitator

Venture Club facilitator

Photography and Art Teacher


Student Films

Early in 2020, a single-shelled virus incredulously weaselled its way into the collective consciousness of the world, becoming the catchcry of the year in the public sphere.

Whilst it caused mayhem and dampened the mood of many across the globe, it did not manage to extinguish the optimism and enthusiasm of our bright, young, creative talent across many subjects including 10-12 Media Studies, English Literary Studies, English and Art.

Pulteney Grammar students have produced some outstanding work across a wide range of creative and journalistic text genres such as creative short films, multi-modal storybooks, music clips, mockumentaries, experimental and expository documentaries, TV news packages and instructional videos.

For the past two years, we have celebrated their work with the wider school community at an annual Pulteney Grammar Film Screening evening. This year, on account of Covid-19, we have opted to share the creative output of our shining stars, via the click of a button.

So, grab a stupid-sized soft drink and jumbo popcorn, get comfortable in the home cinema and click on the link below for some awe-inspiring, quality home-grown entertainment!

Kylie Ryan

Teacher, 12 English Literary Studies and Media Studies

 Creative Expressions Week JuniorCreative Expressions Week Senior

Performing Arts
Matilda Auditions

A reminder that the large group audition (“cattle call”) is on Friday 6 November, 3.45 – 5.00pm. If a student wishes to audition for a lead role they will need to stay at the auditions until 6.00pm, otherwise they may leave at 5.00pm.

If your son or daughter would like to be part of this production, please ask them to register in the Matilda 2021 team, in Microsoft Teams.

Senior Drum Corps

2020 Christmas Pageant

I am thrilled to confirm that our Pulteney Senior Drum Corps will be taking part in this year’s very different Adelaide Christmas Pageant on Saturday 14 November. We will be performing outside the Adelaide Oval next to the Adelaide Pipes from 5.00 – 6.00pm as people enter the venue for the main event. Further information about this event will be emailed to families this week. 

Legacy Walk

On Friday 6 November, the Senior Drum Corps will perform as part of the 2020 Legacy Walk, to be held at the Torrens Parade Ground on Kintore Ave. The members will meet at school at 7.00am in full uniform, travel to the venue by bus, and to return to school by about 8.00am. This opportunity did arrive at short notice and I thank the Drum Corps members for being so passionate and wanting to be part of this important and high-profile event. Further information about this event will be emailed to families this week. 

Remembrance Day Service

Once again, the Senior Drum Corps will be an important part of the Remembrance Day Service here at Pulteney on Wednesday 11 November, as they play during the lowering and raising of the flags. This is always an important and reverent time for all concerned. Members will need to be in formal uniform please.

Jonathon Rice

Learning Area Leader Performing Arts

Head of Performance and Instrumental Music

Pulteney Drive Team 2020

On Saturday 14 November, The Pulteney Drive team will play their last competition round for 2020. Not only does it mark the final Drive matches for the year, It also marks the departure of 4 exceptional Year 12 tennis players.

Since 2016 I have had the honour of looking after a team who are a credit to their school every week. I am immensely proud of them; particularly the dedication and hard work they have given over the last few years. On a very personal note, thank you for being a welcoming and inclusive team to the tiny kid from year 4 that joined you. Brendan played his first Drive match for Pulteney as a reserve player in November 2016. Joining a senior team, as a 10-year-old, was a nerve-wracking experience for him. But reflecting the school, its students’ values, and the community spirit that Pulteney is renowned for, he was embraced into the group and nurtured throughout the next few years he has spent with this wonderful team. Where tennis is concerned, age knows no boundaries.

So, thank you. It has been a joy to watch you all play and I have absolutely no doubt you will all succeed in whichever path you follow in the next stage of your journey. You are leaving behind a gigantic void and will be greatly missed.

Declan: I have never met a more organised hard-working student! You are a born leader and you will be brilliant at whatever you do. It’s just a given. I wish I had your work ethic.

Kristo: having you in the team has increased the fun level and entertainment for everyone. I have loved having you part of the team. I will never forget you turning up for the first Drive match this year in a “Head of Sport” shirt. You make everyone laugh. You are a wonderful mentor to the younger team members and an amazing tennis talent – do not stop playing!!

Dyllan: what can I say?! Your motivational speeches and jokes are irreplaceable. It’s impossible to know how your match is going as you constantly smile all the way through it. I have never met a tennis player who is equally happy to lose 0-6, as he is to win 6-0.

The Drive consists of 6 tennis players. Without 6 players the team is incomplete. Liam, you may be the number 6 player, but to me you are the most important member of the team. Your positivity, hard work and 100% effort has been outstanding. You have been there for the team whether you were playing or not. You exemplify the ultimate team player. Thank you.

Saturday 14 of November will be an extraordinary sad day for me. However, we have a job to do for next year.

2021 Drive Team Positions

In week 6, Drive training will begin the job of filling 4 enormous pairs of tennis shoes. ANYONE is welcome to come and try out for one of the 4 positions that will be available for term 1, 2021 and join Gavin and Brendan in the team. Please come along to training - which are compulsory Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 7-8.15am. Everyone is welcome and I would encourage any tennis player to have a go. The Drive team is not restricted to senior years – the best 6 players are selected regardless of age or gender. So, come and have a go, you have nothing to lose and I guarantee a warm welcome and fun!

In the meantime, good luck Declan, Kristo, Dyllan and Liam in your next adventure. Spare some time to pop in on a Saturday morning and cheer on The Pulteney Drive. You will always be part of my team.

Lynne Loh

Drive Team Manager


School Calendar
Term 4 2020 Calendar Events 


Monday 2 to Tuesday 17 November


Year 12 examinations

Centre for Senior Learning

Monday 2 to Friday 6 November


Creative Expressions Week


Tuesday 3 November


Stage 1 Music Solo Performance Assessment Concert


Wednesday 4 November


Strings Soiree


Thursday 5 November

All day

Kurrajong Outdoor classroom day


Friday 6 November


Middle School Science Alive 2020 STEM Day Out

Adelaide Showgrounds

Friday 6 November


Quad Café

Quad/Middle School

Friday 6 November


Play Group


Friday 6 November


Junior Art and Year 12 Visual Art and Design graduating exhibition

Art Centre

Wednesday 11 to Friday 13 November


Year 5 Camp

Victor Harbour

Wednesday 11 November


Remembrance Day Assembly


Wednesday 11 November


Conservation Corps Excursion

Monarto Zoo

Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 November


Year 10/11 Drama Production


Wednesday 11 November


Middle School new parents evening

Middle School

Friday 13 November


Middle School – new student orientation day / PE day

Middle School / Quad

Friday 13 November


Quad Café

Quad/Middle School

Friday 13 November


Play Group


Friday 13 November


Community Relations Golf Day

Mount Osmond Golf Club

Friday 13 November

All day

Casual Clothes day

Middle and Senior School