Middle School

Middle School Subject Choices 2021

Students in Year 8 have chosen their Year 9 electives for 2021 using Web Preferences and the next step will involve each student’s Heads of House meeting with them to confirm elective selection.

In the next few weeks, the Heads of House will, with the student, work out any problems that may exist with their selection. In some cases, students may be asked to swap the time order of the electives they have chosen to even up class numbers. For example, some students may be asked to do Photography in Semester 2 rather than Semester 1. If there are any problems achieving a student’s preferences that will be discussed with the student at the subject counselling session.

Students in Year 6 and 7 have been asked to use Web Preferences to nominate their Language choice for 2021. It is the expectation that Year 7s continue with the Language that they are currently learning. If a change is required that should be discussed with the Learning Area for Languages, Frau Kirsty Hickman-Davis. The Web Preferences link has been sent to the Year 6 parents and Year 7 students.

Transition Day

On Friday 13 November, the Middle School will host new students and Pulteney Grammar Year 6 students for our Transition/Orientation Day.

This day coincides with PE Day where activities will be organised for students in the Quad at recess and lunch. It will also be a casual clothes day with a ‘Wear Your Team Colours’ theme, so students are welcome to wear casuals, or sportswear in their favourite team colours.

Students can bring their own lunch, purchase lunch from the Tuck shop or enjoy the PE Day sausage sizzle, which normally costs $2 per sausage.

During the day students will be engaging in a range of activities to make them familiar with the Middle School and with each other.

City Week

As has been tradition in the Middle School for a number of years, Year 9 City Week will again take place this year, running from Monday 16to Friday 20 November. During this week, all Year 9 lessons will be suspended as students conduct a city research project in groups. The week will be a culmination of work undertaken during Wellbeing, English, and Geography lessons, and is a wonderful opportunity for the students to engage with the wider community, conduct further research and undertake interviews.

The expectations, format and concept of this special week will be explained to the students during a series of year level information sessions, which will be delivered through Wellbeing Lessons in Term 4. There will be several presentations from members of the community, as well as sessions designed to assist students with the challenges of working in a group. Group planning and specific curriculum content will also be delivered during English and Geography lessons over the coming weeks.

Pulteney is very much a part of the Adelaide city square mile. In our curriculum, we endeavour to forge a strong connection between our students and their city to help them to define what it means to be an active global citizen.  We also believe that the resources of the city provide a ‘rich classroom’ that can dramatically enhance the curriculum and engage the students in relevant and experiential learning.

During City Week our students will make these connections in a structured, challenging, and meaningful way. Students are organized into groups of three or four, and each group will be assigned a staff and student mentor, who will guide and oversee their progress throughout the week.

Students will still be required to be punctual to school each morning in order to attend morning Tutor Group and meet with their mentors. They will be able to sign out and leave the school to visit relevant city locations, places and people independently, research their topic, and interview key stakeholders. All students will be expected to provide contact details so that they can be supported throughout the week. In 2020 students are increasingly encouraged to engage with the City community during the City Week period and, in the lead up to this week, should be booking in relevant activities, such as interviews, site visits, surveys, tours etc. In the past, students have been very responsible in this regard and we are confident that the 2020 Year 9 students will be the same.

When out and about in the city, they are expected to: 

  • Wear their correct full school uniform.
  • Utilise their time effectively for their investigation.
  • Represent the school impeccably; and
  • Behave in a sensible, safe, and appropriate manner at all times.

As it is a normal school week for the remainder of the school, students are expected to attend their normal sport practices and matches.

Students will be able to buy lunch or a snack when they are in the city, but this should not happen every day. As a guide from past years, students are encouraged not to have more than $40 for the week. We would encourage any member of the Pulteney community, including family and friends of the students, to arrange to meet with groups and share relevant experiences and information related to their investigation to build further community engagement with our students.

The students will present to the school community both the process they followed, as well as their findings from their investigation, in the City Week Expo, in the Middle School Building at 6.00pm on Tuesday 1 December 2020. Projects will compromise of a booth at the Expo as well as the screening of a 5-minute documentary for each group. Attendance at the evening is compulsory for all Year 9 students. All families and members of the community are warmly invited to attend and celebrate the hard work of the Year 9s.

Middle School Heads of Houses