Class Placements

The 2021 classroom lists are almost complete. Placement for students result from a range of information gathered from the current year by Classroom and Inclusive Education Teachers, together with an awareness of individual student academic and social development and peer interactions. The successful implementation of these guidelines ensures a smooth transition whereby the learning and wellbeing of each student remains paramount. Staffing for next year is still in the process of being finalised and a letter outlining class placements for 2021 will be sent to parents and carers in due course. Please note that all written requests from parents will be taken into consideration as class lists are formed. The latest date for any further parent requests is 6 November 2020. As it is important for us to consider the needs of each individual child as we formulate class lists, requests by parents may not always be able to be met. Thank you for your understanding with this matter.

Bugs Incursion

On Monday 9 November the Reception Mid-Year and Year 1 students will enjoy a visit from The Bug Show. The children will be presented with many live animals from a variety of invertebrate groups. This incursion will complement the inquiry of living things in both year levels. The children and teachers are looking forward to the visit.

ELC Christmas Concert

On Wednesday 2 December the ELC students would like to share with their parents what they have been learning in their Music lessons with Mrs Narelle Steffan. The children have been enthusiastically learning a range of Christmas songs and actions. ELC Y children will have their session with parents on the verandah outside their classroom at 9.30am on that day. Students in ELCT and ELCW will present their performance at 4pm in the Kurrajong courtyard. Parents are welcome to come and listen to their child join in with the group as they sing the Christmas story. Children that do not attend the ELC on a Wednesday are welcome to join with their parent supervision. Please be mindful that the children will be ready to go home with you after the event and will need to be signed out. If you intend to keep your child in the ELC after the presentation, please ensure they have settled with this arrangement before you leave.  We hope you can join us for this Christmas end of year celebration.

Pulteney Storybook Series

Each Friday we will be sharing a storybook online read by one of our Pulteney staff members or students. Storytelling helps to build connections among people and improves listening skills that are essential in learning and in relationships. We hope your family enjoys listening to the books selected each week by members of our school community. This week you can watche Gifted and Talented Coordinator Sue Mavropoulos share a book titled ‘Cat in the Hat’ by Dr. Suess.









Natalie Natsias

Head of Kurrajong