Creative Expression Week

In week 4, we will be celebrating our inaugural “Creative Expression Week” at Pulteney. This came out of a conversation about how we could marry the plethora of visual and creative thinking, learning and expression that happens in every part of this wonderful school; it promises to be a celebration of all of the amazing creativity that happens in every sub-school and across every learning area. It embodies the exhibition side of problem-based learning and will include performances, screenings, exhibitions, hands-on activities – the list goes on! Every lunchtime and seemingly every space will be filled with options, from Kurrajong to Prep to Chapel to the Quad, giving students the chance to be fully immersed in the wonderful creativity that surrounds and lives in their learning.

There will also be opportunities for the broader Pulteney community to see the fruits of our labour, with a number of things being screened online – so keep an eye out for links to things like the Pulteney Film Night, which will be an online experience this year. There will be daily notices to keep students abreast of the key activities and we promise to keep social media full!

Enormous thanks must go to the many staff involved in bringing all this together – there are far too many to mention – and to the core group of teachers who have driven this exciting initiative. So, please get involved as much as you can in what we hope is the first of many “Creative Expression Weeks”.

John McCall                                                                                           

Learning Area Leader – English                                                             

Teacher of English, Legal Studies & Integrated Learning                                                                                                  

Lauren Sutter

Conservation Corps facilitator

Venture Club facilitator

Photography and Art Teacher


Student Films

Early in 2020, a single-shelled virus incredulously weaselled its way into the collective consciousness of the world, becoming the catchcry of the year in the public sphere.

Whilst it caused mayhem and dampened the mood of many across the globe, it did not manage to extinguish the optimism and enthusiasm of our bright, young, creative talent across many subjects including 10-12 Media Studies, English Literary Studies, English and Art.

Pulteney Grammar students have produced some outstanding work across a wide range of creative and journalistic text genres such as creative short films, multi-modal storybooks, music clips, mockumentaries, experimental and expository documentaries, TV news packages and instructional videos.

For the past two years, we have celebrated their work with the wider school community at an annual Pulteney Grammar Film Screening evening. This year, on account of Covid-19, we have opted to share the creative output of our shining stars, via the click of a button.

So, grab a stupid-sized soft drink and jumbo popcorn, get comfortable in the home cinema and click on the link below for some awe-inspiring, quality home-grown entertainment!

Kylie Ryan

Teacher, 12 English Literary Studies and Media Studies

 Creative Expressions Week JuniorCreative Expressions Week Senior