Parent Workshop

It was a pleasure listening to Madhavi speak last week at the Parent Workshop. Madhavi shared her presentation on how to support confidence and growth through transitions, to enable resilience in children. Further information on strategies to use to build confidence and resilience in children can be found on the Positive Minds Australia website https://positivemindsaustralia.com.au

Book Week Performance

Today the students will have the opportunity to participate in an interactive performance titled ‘Greatest Discovery’ as part of this year’s Book Week celebrations. The performance will feature and explore a range of Australian children’s books and the theme of Curious Creatures, Wild Minds, encouraging students to engage with reading in an active and energetic manner.

Pulteney Storybook Series

Each Friday we will be sharing a storybook online read by one of our Pulteney staff members or students. Storytelling helps to build connections among people and improves listening skills that are essential in learning and in relationships. We hope your family enjoys listening to the books selected each week by members of our school community. This week, you can see Digital Technologies Learning Area Leader Georgie Buenfield share a book titled ‘Pig the Pug’ by Aaron Blabey.









What's happening this fortnight

Book Week Performance 27 October
Steam Project Days 28 & 29 October
Outdoor Classroom Day 5 November


Natalie Natsias

Head of Kurrajong