Outdoor Education and Conservation Corp

As part of the Stage 1 Outdoor Education course this term, an overnight camp is scheduled to Onkaparinga River National Park and Goolwa on November 5 and 6. The program will involve outdoor rock-climbing at Onkaparinga Gorge and sailing at Goolwa, to provide opportunity for skill development in outdoor activities, as well as progression of leadership and sustainable practices. The program will depart at 8am on the 5th and return at 4pm on the 6th. Students have planned the program with guidance and support from School staff, and will prepare group and personal equipment as part of their learning.

The main aim of these outdoor experiences is for students to demonstrate field study techniques in association with their personal experience, applying knowledge and showing evidence of skills in observation, recording and interpreting aspects of the activities and the environment. Students will be assessed in their practical skills, planning and packing, risk management strategies, environmental studies and reflection on their experiences. If you have any queries related to the program, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Daniel Polkinghorne via email, daniel.polkingorne@pulteney.sa.edu.au

Conservation Corp

On Thursday 15 October the Conservation Corps Team initiated a day to raise awareness for sustainable environmental practice. There was a range of activities in the Quad during lunchtime, as well as messages broadcast throughout the School. Wilbur’s Wildlife provided some hands on engagement with animals and there was the opportunity to plant some seedlings and design reusable bags. The support from students was fantastic, demonstrated through the long line up for responsibly sourced pancakes and the interactions with the CC students. Thank you to all contributors and helpers, and please look to involve yourself in sustainable practice where you can, to help protect our planet.

In Week 2 we farewelled James Anderson and Mia Paolo, the two Year 12s involved in the Conservation Corps over the past few years. James is passionate about waste reduction and has driven many initiatives in his involvement in Conservation Corps. A keen promoter of environmental action and an advocate for making change meant James has been a highly valued member of the group. Mia is the Conservation Corps Captain, and she role modelled and provided leadership extensively through the year. Her quiet nature and passion for the conservation allowed Mia to interact well with all the students from Years 6 to 11. She is commended on her contribution to the Corps and we are thankful for the time and effort she put into the initiatives. We wish James and Mia all the best in their future ventures.

Please click here to a DEW publication that features a small article on the work the Conservation Corps students did in the mid-semester break, for your information.