During STEM week students throughout the school welcomed guest speakers from a range of different Health professions. Year 9 students were fortunate to have Ayla Hoogendoorn join them to discuss her work as a research scientist. Ayla is a postdoctoral researcher and NHI fellow at SAHMRI (South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute). She is currently serving a research fellowship, having travelled to Australia from the Netherlands, and specialises in cardiac research, specifically studying atherosclerosis which is the build-up of plaque in the heart.

Ayla shared her personal career journey before providing the students with insights into the type of research she is undertaking. Ayla also talked to the students about the importance of building professional networks. She emphasised how these connections have helped her throughout her career and that it is never too soon to start building these networks.

Year 8 students participated in the World of Maths where, in groups, students had to attempt a range of puzzles. The puzzles ranged from spatial awareness activities where they had to fit shapes into a larger defined shape. There were puzzles which challenged their  estimation skills and those that simply required logic and trial and error.

Another STEM activity involved students from the Middle School and one ninety being treated to a virtual reality experience.

The Year 9 girls were privileged to hear from a range of successful females involved in the Technology industry. They were able to ask questions and hear the different perspectives and learn of the journeys the panel members had taken.

Many thanks to Georgie Buenfeld, Learning Area for Digital Technology and Dr Michelle Coop, Learning Area Leader for Mathematics for arranging all the aforementioned STEM activities for our students.

Paul Ryan

Head of Middle School