Prep School Language and Culture

Year 3 and 4 Food Experience

In week 8 (Monday 7 to Thursday 10 September), the Year 3 and 4 students will be invited to eat dumplings during Mandarin lessons to celebrate our revised Languages and Culture Celebration Week (due to Covid 19). Chinese cuisine has always been an important part of the Chinese culture. The purpose of tasting dumplings is to help students to gain a better understanding of how environment or culture can influence food preferences. Although some students have been to a Chinese restaurant before, for some students it will be the very first time that they have tried dumplings.

The ingredients of dumplings include pork mince, salt, Chinese cabbage, flour, vegetable oil and dumpling wrappers. For students who require gluten free, the ingredients for their dumplings will include gluten free flour and gluten free soy sauce. There will also be a vegetarian option with Chinese cabbage as the main ingredient.

I would be grateful if you would please consider whether you are happy for your child to be part of this celebration and complete the consent form here by Tuesday 1 September 2020.

For further information please email Ms Huang on 

Minmin Huang

Chinese/Mandarin Teacher