Language and Culture

Languages and Culture Celebration Week is back in mini-form! In Week 8 there will be some special cultural activities for students and on Wednesday 9 September there will be an International Lunch for all students. Sushi, Bubble Tea and Flammkuchen (German style pizza) will be available.

When you are ready to order, please open the Qkr! App and under ‘School Events’ select ‘International Lunch’. This will take you to the options available. Pre-ordering will be available to order from Wednesday 26 August (Week 6) and orders will need to be processed by Friday 4 September at 9.00am. Please see the menu below.

I look forward to seeing the students engage with the activities on offer during the ‘Languages and Culture Celebration Week’ and feel confident that the week will complement the positive learning experiences which already take place on a daily basis in our language and culture classrooms. 

Kirsty Hickman

Learning Area Leader - Languages

International Lunch Menu


Flammkuchen                                Simply Flammküche                      $10.20

crème fraiche, onion and smoked bacon

Napolitana sauce, smoked bacon, onion, cheese

crème fraiche, leek, garlic and emmenthal cheese

sweet crème fraiche, caramelised apples and cinnamon

Sushi      寿司                                 Sushi in the City                              $ 7.20

Option 1                                                        Option 2                                         Option 3 - GF

Teriyaki chicken and cucumber                Cooked Tuna & Avocado              Avocado & Cucumber

Chicken cutlet and avocado                      King Prawn                                     Assorted Veggie


Bubble Tea        珍珠奶茶           Funtea                                             $6.40

Fresh Fruit Tea

Lychee Snowy Sakura

green tea, lychee jam, sakura flowers, sakura pearls, sakura jelly ball, fruit sugar

Passion Fruit Green Tea

green tea, passion fruit, coconut jelly, sakura pearls, fruit sugar

Milk Tea

Amber Pearls

amber pearls, milk, tea, sugar syrup

Dirty Bubble Milk Tea

brown sugar pearl, milk, tea, sugar syrup

Dirty Strawberry Milk

Strawberry jam, milk