The Challenge

Last week we launched The Challenge #1, a House Tutor Group based initiative to promote physical activity aligned with SportAus campaign of ‘Find Your 30’.  Students in Year 7 – 12 are asked to keep track of their daily activity through Term 3 Weeks 5 – 9 with points being awarded according to the intensity of the physical activity undertaken over 30 minutes.  This data is then submitted on a weekly form.  You can see a chart to assist students in what types of physical activity earn points HERE

Each tutor group has appointed a ‘Challenge Captain’ who will liaise with the Head of Sport, track and assist their tutor group peers and of course motivate them to be as active as possible so as to have the optimal chance of winning either the Senior or Middle school prize – a pizza lunch on the Sports Department!

Through my conversations with academic Professor Murray Drummond (Research Professor Sport, Health and Physical Activity, Flinders University), Professor Stuart Biddle, Physical Activity and Health, University of Southern Queensland and  Dr Emily Matheson (Research Fellow, Centre for Appearance Research, University of the West of England), indicate that recent research into rates of physical activity are indicating some interesting positions: 

  • That the message about the importance of being physically active, especially to the young, has been over-medicalised
  • That the optimal way for individuals to engage with physical activity is to find their passion, to find an activity that people will engage in with a sense of joy, connection and it has to be enjoyable.
  • That if we only rely on intrinsic motivation then outcomes are likely to be very individualised. 
  • Young people have very different reasons to adults to be physically active.

From my own experience I can recall numerous campaigns over the past 35 years that have looked to address physical activity rates and which can reasonably said to have disappointed in their outcomes – all relied on intrinsic motivation being the key factor.  A major part of my research amongst our students has been establishing what would motivate some to be more physically active and overwhelmingly the answer was attached to an external motivator – hence the pizza lunch!  We will explore other extrinsic motivators with future versions of The Challenge.

Pulteney Sports App (PSA)

The primary source of information regarding sport schedules, training, matches and attendance is the PSA.  The PSA has been developed by our partners at JARO

We are currently in a period of review of the PSA and as part of this process we are asking families to take the time (1 min) to complete this short survey HERE as to your satisfaction experience.  The results from the survey will play an integral part to our future decision making.

SAAS Cross Country

Pulteney are proud to be hosting the SAAS ‘Race Meet 5’  this week, Wednesday 26 August.  The course will be run through The Parklands opposite the school, where we recently held our House Cross Country event in Week 3.  Our coaches, Shane Danaher, Emma Galdes and Nick Laity, will continue to wonderfully prepare our athletes for all their races but clearly this is a significant event in our cross-country calendar. In previous years Pulteney volunteers have been critical to us hosting a successful event, so at this time we would again like to invite family members to assist us.  The various roles that require filling are as follows:

  • Welcome and provide general information for athletes and coaches from other schools and assist them with race ‘stickers’
  • Course Marshall: assisting competitors on the course
  • Timekeepers
  • Race finish coordinators: collecting competitors ‘stickers’ from them as they finish

If you are able to volunteer, you will need to present on Harriers Oval at 3.30pm with the event concluding by 5.00pm/5.15pm.  If you are available to assist please email

Student Leadership in Sport
  • This week sees our candidates for Sports Captain making their presentations. 
  • The deadline for expressions of interest for the Senior Captain of Sport (Summer) positions are due this Friday.
  • Information regarding the Middle School Captain of Sport (Summer) positions will be disseminated next Monday.
Summer Sport Nominations

Once Prep sport nominations close (Friday 28 August), the sports department will be in touch to confirm details regarding your son/daughters involvement.

Huw Bowen

Head of Sport