Prep School

Cross Country

The Prep School students dressed in House colours on Thursday 6 August  in preparation for our annual Cross County event. The inter-House cross country event took place in the parklands and students had the option of a competitive 2km year level running race or a 2km fun run or walk.

It was great to see the children encouraging one another and showing great team spirit throughout the race as the aim of the afternoon was for the children to build on their fitness and endurance levels whilst mixing with their friends and enjoying themselves. 

Year 4 Excursion

The Year 4 cohort took part in an excursion to the Old Adelaide Gaol on Friday 31 July as part of an introduction to their Humanities and Social Science inquiry about the arrival of the First Fleet and first contact with Aboriginal people.

The aim of the excursion was to provide the children with background information about the life and activities of the early settlers and to give the children an insight into some of the living conditions of those times.

The children will now spend time posing and researching inquiry questions they wish to find answers for before writing a letter from the perspective of a convict to their family ‘home’ in England. This assessment task will encourage the children to further develop, amongst other skills, their descriptive language and letter writing skills.

Denise O’Loughlin

Head of Prep

Prep Sport

Please click here to access the Prep School Sport Booklet containing information and a link to the nomination form for the upcoming summer season. Nominations will cover Term 4 2020 and Term 1 2021. Nominations will be closed on Friday 28 August at 5.00pm.

Please direct any queries regarding Prep Sport to 

Year 6 to 7 Transition

Denise O’Loughlin and I with our respective teams, have been planning the Year 6 into 7 transition program.

For Year 6 parents an important date for your diary is Wednesday 26 August, which is when we are hosting our Transition Information evening. The evening begins at 6.30pm and we plan to start in Wyatt Hall where parents will hear from two of our current Year 7 students who made the transition into the Middle School last year.

I will be talking about the purpose of Middle Schools, which will help explain the ‘how and why’ of what we do.  Other speakers will be Mr McCulloch, Head of Student Wellbeing, Mr Polkinghorne, Coordinator of Experiential Learning and Ms Karen Kurczak, Head of Inclusive Education.

After this information session, the Middle School Heads of House will provide parents with a quick tour of the Middle School building and then, in their House areas, will explain the House-based pastoral care system.

We also have a large range of transition activities planned for the Year 6s, which involves tours of the Middle School building, lessons in the Middle School, joining our Middle School House meetings as well as a Q&A session with the Middle School House Prefects.

We also have a Transition Day planned to occur in mid Term 4.

Please keep a close eye on the PRW for all the Transition information and don’t forget to reply to our Information Night notice.

Paul Ryan

Head of Middle School