Communications Reminder

During 2018, we initiated a school-wide communications audit titled ‘One Pulteney’.

The aim of the audit was to provide a comprehensive review of the communication practices utilised across sub-schools and departments at Pulteney over a two year period, and review the timing and frequency, channels utilised, messaging and formatting of our communications to the wider community. This came as a direct result of feedback from parents, who expressed an overload of correspondence from Pulteney. 

The audit revealed an excessive amount of communications disseminated tofamilies via a multitude of channels including email, mail, handouts, multiple digital platforms (Apps), newsletters, telephone calls and SMS.

Our goal remains to ensure a connected experience for families and a proactive, respectful process of communication that ensures a level of consistency in quality, timing, medium, branding, language and messaging so that you – our families – experience ‘One Pulteney’, throughout your child’s journey at our School.

As a result of One Pulteney, the School has revised its approach to communicating news and information with families, and enclosed you will find an infographic, which provides a summary of our communication channels to families.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to let the head of your Sub School know.