Year 3 Water Sanitation Devices

Year 3 Water Sanitation Devices

Throughout a range of Learning Areas (Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, English, Maths, Design and Technologies), students in Year 3 explored and investigated the concepts of clean water, sanitation and water treatment systems from local and global perspectives.  They applied their newly acquired knowledge and completed a design/construction challenge, where they created a device that sanitises (cleans) water.  The unique devices produced by the students clearly demonstrated their confidence in joining, connecting and assembling components in various ways for a specific purpose.

This learning opportunity fostered students’ critical and creative thinking skills. The activity also helped the children to develop resilience when designs did not quite work as planned and to strengthen their skills in communication and collaboration.

We are extremely proud of their achievements.

Nathan Dodd

Assistant Head of Prep School & Year 3 Teacher 

Briony Franklin

Year 3 Teacher