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Further information from SA Health on the quarantine arrangements is provided below.
Self-quarantine requirements

You can only leave self-quarantine to obtain urgent medical care or medical supplies, to get tested for COVID-19, or for any other emergency situation.

You must ensure no one else enters or stays at the place you are self-quarantining unless:

•         they usually live there and you need to provide care/support to them, or receive care/support from them, or

•         they are also self-quarantining, or

•         your place of self-quarantine is appropriately set up so you do not have contact with others.

Because we need to minimise the number of people you are in contact with, you may need to make arrangements for yourself or other household members to stay somewhere else.

As per the attached fact sheet other members of the household are not required to self-quarantine unless the person that is self-quarantining develops symptoms and is suspected to have COVID-19, whereby they will then be classified as close contacts and also need to self-isolate.  Please see link here 

Testing of arrivals (effective from 12:01 am Sunday, 19 July 2020)

If you enter South Australia as a non-essential traveller from the ACT or NSW, or as a returned resident from VIC, you will be required to take a COVID-19 test:

•         on your first day in SA (the day you arrive)

•         again, on your twelfth day in SA.

This applies to anyone who has arrived in SA on or after Wednesday, 8 July. It is mandatory for anyone 16 years or over, and strongly recommended for children under 16.

Information on the current travel restrictions and requirements is available on the SA.GOV.AU: COVID-19 website

Cameron Bacholer