Year 12 Tertiary/SATAC Evening – Wednesday 5 August

Term 3 is an important time for Year 12 students as they prepare for life after school. By the end of Term 3, students considering studying at university in 2021 need to have made their applications to the South Australian Tertiary Admission Centre (SATAC), or the equivalent organisations interstate. While the mechanics of applying are not onerous, the selection of study programs can be challenging.  It requires a degree of soul searching, and research, on the part of the students, who were encouraged to begin/continue this research in the recent Term 2 holiday break - hopefully they are feeling confident in their decisions at this stage.

To outline the SATAC application process, and to allow students to speak to university representatives, a Year 12 Tertiary/SATAC Information Evening is being held on Wednesday 5 August. This year, due to the COVID-19 situation, the format of the evening will be slightly different. The evening will have two repeat ‘sittings’- one beginning at 5.45pm, with the second ‘sitting’ beginning at 7pm. Students, and a parent, are welcome to choose whichever time suits them to attend. Each session will include a brief welcome and introduction to the SATAC application process and then an opportunity to speak with representatives from Flinders University, The University of South Australia and The University of Adelaide. All Year 12 students who are planning to undertake tertiary study are expected to attendand to wear theirschool uniform.

In addition to this event, the Year 12 students will have a more detailed SATAC application seminar on Thursday of this week, to assist them with their SATAC applications, which open on Monday 3 August.

University Open Days

Open days at universities are a fantastic way for students and their families to explore post-schooling options. This year, given the COVID-19 situation, most universities are changing to a virtual format, which means students are potentially able to access more information, and explore more options than normal, as they won’t have to physically attend. Year 10, 11 and 12 students have all been emailed information about upcoming Open Day ‘virtual’ events and I would strongly encourage them all to register and engage with the resources available to them.

Subject Choices

For students in Years 10 and 11, Term 3 is also a very important one, where they will need to look closely at their post-schooling options and make decisions about the subjects they choose to study in 2021. While there is a pathway to almost any career these days, it is most efficient if students choose the correct areas of study in the first instance. Year 10 students are exploring their career options through their SACE Personal Learning Plan (PLP) subject this term, beginning last week with a presentation from UniSA. That is followed this week by presentations from Flinders University and The University of Adelaide. Students will then have an opportunity to undertake some online vocational testing, research a number of different career areas, explore pathways and create an action plan to support their subject selections for 2021. Year 11 students will be further exploring The Careers Department website and take part in another online vocational quiz to support their work from PLP last year, and to assist them in making some further decisions regarding their future. If you have any questions regarding subject choices and career pathways, please feel free to contact me.

VET (Vocational Education and Training) Courses

Students studying in one ninety, from Year 10 Semester 2 onwards, are able to access VET courses to study as part of their SACE. Students can choose a VET course to begin a vocational pathway, for example as a plumber, electrician or hairdresser, or as a ‘taster’ course, to explore possible career opportunities, such as business or early childhood education. VET courses can run during school hours, or after school, and offer students a great opportunity to develop practical skills and learn in a different environment. In addition to SACE credits, students studying a VET course will also receive a nationally recognised qualification. There are a number of VET courses available for students to choose from. If your child is interested in exploring VET as an option, more information is available here (click the red button). Current Year 10 and 11 students attended an information session today and should now have a good idea of how the application process works and the requirements of undertaking a VET program.

‘Skills and Thrills Showcase’ is going digital

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, SkillsOne has had to re-think the live annual Skills and Thrills Showcase for parents and students. As a result, the Skills and Thrills Digital Parent Showcase has been developed. This is an engaging and informative 20-minute video created to highlight vocational education and training (VET) and the success stories that emanate from VET pathways.  The Digital Parents Showcase will help parents better understand vocational pathways, including apprenticeships/traineeships and give parents the knowledge they need to help their children make informed career choices.

Topics covered in the video include apprenticeships and traineeships, TAFE and private training providers, industry trends, funding options available, vocational education and training (VET) Optionsand where to find information, resources and support services.

Supporting this video, SkillsOne will also be holding a live streamed Q&A panel discussion with industry professionals and department representatives on August 26, where they will address pre-submitted questions.

Parents can access the content of this video from August 10 – September4, 2020. The presentation cannot be downloaded and must be watched during this time period. To participate, parents need to pre-register their interest to receive viewing information and updates at Skiilsoneand parents can pre-submit any questions to do with careers/industry to info@skillsone.com.au

If you have any questions, or require any additional support or resources, please feel free to contact me on 8216 5553, or via email at leeanne.bryan@pulteney.sa.edu.au

Have a fantastic rest of the week!

Leeanne Johnston-Bryan

Coordinator of Futures