For Pulteney Sport, ‘Better Never Stops’.  This purpose is easy to understand, one we must constantly keep striving for and impossible to ever fully achieve!  This is the challenge that is set to all those involved in ‘Navy Blue’ sport…staff and students alike.  To guide us in the pursuit of our vision, we are guided by our values of commitment, unity and growth mindset, which were established by our student sport leaders in 2018.

‘Better Never Stops’ is not confined to areas such as skill development, tactical appreciation, strength and conditioning and other physical aspects intrinsic to sport.  Amongst other things it means that we strive to be better people by acting with humility, gratitude and grace, to be self-aware, coachable, respectful and understanding.  We want to hold ourselves and others accountable to our values and purpose and we want to be great teammates who can be relied on in any and all circumstances.  We want to strive to be the best versions of ourselves at all times.

A significant motivator for students to take part in school sport is to proudly represent their school, and with their families, they will make this choice.  Playing sport is an integral part of growing up in Australia and we want all students in years Reception – 12 to be physically active and involved in sporting co-curricular activities as this is an important part of their holistic development.  If involvement is enjoyable, fulfilling and meaningful, the chance of lifelong participation is increased.

We aim to personalise the experience by listening to what students are passionate about, by providing a quality experience appropriate to developmental and learning needs and offering different levels at which students can engage.  The benefits of being physically active and participating in sport at a level commensurate with physical, mental, social, emotional and skill development are well researched and published.  Among the deeper motives for children participating in sport are their perceptions of competence and being with friends.  Those who feel competent about their physical abilities will participate and persist in physical activity whereas children who do not are likely to experience a loss of ‘self-esteem’ and their wellbeing is negatively impacted.  To assist us in achieving this we want our Pulteney coaches to connect with our students as people and not just as participants. 

Not only do we want students to be self-determining in their choice of physical activity, we want a fun and positive learning environment where our students are enthusiastic and willing participants and we want students to take ownership and responsibility for the culture of their teams.    In short we want effective student voice and agency in our sports program.  Our current students will continue to write their chapter in the history of Pulteney sport and they will write it with passion, drive and pride in being a ‘Navy Blue’.  Above all else we want to have a lot of fun finding out just how good we can be.

Summer Sport Nominations Y7 – 12

As wonderful as it is to be finally beginning our competitive Winter season, we find ourselves having to turn to the business of preparing for summer sport.  The most critical aspect of this preparation is determining what sports and activities students will participate in.  To inform this decision we ask that you read the information found in the ‘Summer Sport Booklet’ which can be here  

  • Middle and Senior school students will complete their nominations in tutor group on Tuesday 11/8/20) or Thursday (13/8/20) of Week 4.

Prep and Kurrajong students will complete their nomination later this term.

Pulteney Sports App (PSA)

Through Week 1 – 6 we will be reviewing the performance of the PSA.  If you do experience any performance issues with the PSA please use and copy in Richard Sexton, Sports Administrator, as it is important we track referrals.  You can of course always contact any of the Sports Department staff directly.

Later in Term 3 we will be disseminating a survey to families.

Huw Bowen

Head of Sport