From the Deputy Principal

This year continues to pass with amazing speed and term 3 is already shaping to be another busy and productive time for all students within our School.

As educators and parents, we delight in recognising and celebrating successful outcomes for our children. However, as we know, success cannot be measured only as the result or performance but must also include the journey. Success does not just happen. Quite often we encounter numerous obstacles along the way that attempt to prevent us from achieving our goal. Creating an environment which nurtures and fosters values such as persistence, diligence, dedication, hard work and risk taking is particularly important if our students can appreciate how to be successful, while also allowing them to keep it all in perspective should they fall short of the result they were hoping for. I am often encouraged by the attitudes demonstrated by Pulteney students and their positive relationship with one another. It is common to hear students offering encouragement and advice as well as celebrating the efforts their peers have put into a particular task or event. With the support of their peers and teachers, many students have tackled problems or faced challenges they previously believed to be too difficult or the fear of failure too great.

On Thursday 30 July, from noon, academic reports for semester 1 will be available to parents and students via the community portal.

To view your child’s report for Semester 1, please access the Synergetic Community Portal link on the Pulteney website ( Please use your personal access code (username) to log in to the system as you would do for Student Led Conferences (R-6) or Parent Teacher Student Meetings (7-12).

Login details are as follows:

Username:  «StudentContactID»

Password:  A password has previously been supplied to you.  Please note, we do not have access to this password, so if you have forgotten it or if you are new to Pulteney, please click on the forgotten password tab and the password will be emailed to your nominated email address.

If you have more than one child, you will need to select the individual child’s name, click on the tab Documents and then Student Reports for Term 2/2020.  You then need to open the PDF that is available for that particular student. 

If you have any queries regarding your log on details, please don’t hesitate to contact the PA in your child’s sub-school prior to Thursday 30 July.

Through digital reporting, our aim is to continue to improve methods of communication between school and home.

Greg Atterton

Deputy Principal