Research Project - Year 11

Research Project - Year 11


Dear Parents of Year 11 Students,

As you may be aware, the Research Project is a SACE Stage 2 subject, which is undertaken by all Year 11 Pulteney Grammar students. It is a mandatory subject requiring that students gain a grade of C- or higher. Should they not successfully pass the subject, they will not be able to obtain their SACE and, as such, students are marked and moderated against a very high standard of performance.

As part of the Research Project, students have recommenced their Folio task for assessment. This is the major assessment piece that they will be working on during the first Semester. This Folio is a school assessed task and is worth 30% of the final grade for the subject; it is due at the end of Week 4 of Term 2. The Folio is a compilation of all the planning and development of research by the students on their chosen question throughout the first semester, and will form the basis of their Research Outcome and Evaluation later in the year.

To support student progress and outcomes, and with the intention of providing ongoing up-to-date feedback on the progress of your child’s Research Project and Folio, the Research Project teaching team has designed several progress checks and draft due dates for each assessment. This will guide the level of progress the student has made on their particular Research Project however please note, that these are indicators of progress, not marks or grades, as on their own the progress evidence would not satisfy the requirements of a passing grade. Consequently, the coming term’s school report will not provide a Research Project grade.

  • Progress Check -  Start of Week 4 Term 1
  • Progress Check -  End of Week 6 Term 1
  • Progress Check -  End of Week 9 Term 1
  • FOLIO - Draft due Week 2 Term 2
  • OUTCOME - Draft due Week 1 Term 3
  • EVALUATION - Draft due Week 7 Term 3

During Research Project lessons, students will be given extensive feedback on their Projects against each of the performance standards they are required to address. However, students are encouraged to use the expertise of their individual Research Project teacher and seek clarification and guidance throughout their Project. Based on the feedback and guidance received, the expectation is that students will use their Research Project lessons to address any gaps or significant areas of weakness. They will also need to use their own time, including holiday time to further address these areas.

We have been pleased with the focus and enthusiasm all of our Year 11 students have given to the Research Project at this stage of the year and look forward to helping them achieve their goals for the subject.

Kind regards,
Research Project Teaching Team