Prep Sports Day Information


We are really looking forward to our annual Junior School Sports Day on Friday 5 March 2021 and parents and friends are warmly invited to join us on what is always a wonderful day for the Pulteney community.

Please find below important information about the day for Prep students

Years 3 - 6

Sports Day for Prep students will commence at 8.30am on Vaughton Oval (Park 20). All children from Years 3 – 6 are expected to go directly to the oval on that morning. They will report to their House marquee where their name will be ticked off a list by the teachers in charge of their House. Prep Sports Day activities will conclude at 12.45pm and students will be dismissed for the day at this time. Cawthorne Nicholls is rostered to clean up and students in this House will be required to stay for a short while after dismissal.

What students need to wear:

  • Students wear their PE uniform.
  • Prior to coming to school, Prep students can apply coloured zinc cream and colour their hair to reflect their House colours. Please note, these products should not be brought to school for safety reasons.
  • Students are asked to apply sunscreen before arriving at school.

What students need to bring:

  • Students must bring their sports hat to wear throughout the event, as well as extra sunscreen to apply during the morning.
  • Students do not need to bring their school bag on this day but are asked to bring their recess in a disposable bag.
  • A NAMED drink bottle of water will be essential on the day and regular drinks breaks will be incorporated into the morning’s activities.


Prep students will be dismissed for the day from Vaughton Oval at the conclusion of the event (12.45pm).

Children requiring care at the conclusion of Sports Day

If your child requires care after Sports Day ends at 12.45pm, please click here to provide their details to the Prep School by Tuesday 2 March. Please do not complete the form if your child does not require care after Sports Day.

Longer distance events (400m & 800m)

Please note, for Prep students the longer distance events (single 400m and 800m runs), will be run on Tuesday 2 March at 11.30am on Vaughton Oval. Parents of students who have chosen to run in these events are welcome to come along and watch their child run.

Extreme (hot/wet) weather

Any decision to postpone the event will be made at 8.30am on Friday 5 March. Should the program be postponed or interrupted, children will go to classes to resume normal Friday lessons until 12.45pm, when they will be dismissed for the day.


Car park access can be found at the Gilles Street Car Park on the corner of Gilles Street and King William Street.

Additional information

It is the responsibility of parents, visitors and staff to check in using the School’s QR code, which will be displayed at the Sports Day event. COVID Marshalls and an additional spectator pavilion will assist with social distancing at Sports Day. Spectators are welcome to bring their own chairs, picnic rugs and food. Additional food and drinks will be available for purchase from the Parents & Friends of Pulteney marquee throughout the morning. Further information will be provided to parents in the lead up to Sports Day. 

Thank you for your support and we hope you can join us for an enjoyable morning of sporting activities.

Denise O’Loughlin
Head of Prep