Bee Incursion

The Year 2 students enjoyed learning about bees and pollination during an incursion last Friday. They were involved in a discussion about by-products such as honey and enjoyed a sample and were shown the equipment that beekeepers use to protect themselves.  

Junior School Sports Day

The children and staff are all looking forward to Junior School Sports Day on Friday 5 March. We will be holding a Sports Day practice on Thursday with Reception-Year 2 students, so that the children become familiar with the planned events. Anna Zerillo, ELC-Year 2 Sports Teacher, has been leading the children through some fun activities that they will share with you on the day. It would be wonderful to have parents joining in on the fun and participating in the activities. Please click here for important information about the day.

Button Batteries

Button batteries pose a severe injury risk, particularly in children in the early years. Children are at the greatest risk due to their narrower oesophagus and tendency to place small objects into their mouths, ears and noses. Some items such as light up shoes or watches may include these batteries and we ask that parents avoid these being brought into the ELC.

Nut Aware School

Pulteney Grammar is a ‘Nut Aware School’ and therefore we ask parents to refrain from placing items containing nuts in school lunchboxes. We have a large number of students in Kurrajong that present with a range of food allergies. 

Co-curricular information

Please click here to view the co-curricular information booklet. Please click here to submit your child’s nomination form for Term 2, 2021. Nominations will close on 5 March at 5.00pm. Please refer to the booklets for relevant contact information should you have any queries or contact Ben Searle, Junior Head of Sport ben.searle@pulteney.sa.edu.au

Natalie Natsias
Head of Kurrajong