Important : Collection of Student Information

Student Medical Action Plans

Medical Action Plans must be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure the health and wellbeing of students.

If your child has a Medical Action Plan from a GP or specialist, we ask that you provide an up to date copy of your child’s Medical Action Plan for 2021, as a matter of urgency. This includes current information about prescribed medications, particularly if the Health Centre holds this medication for your child (for example a Nebuliser or Epi-Pen).

Having current and accurate information will ensure the School can provide the correct care to your child, especially in an emergency. As good practice, Medical Action Plans should be reviewed annually, unless your GP specifies a different timeframe on the action plan and/or if there is any change to medication/regime. 

Once you have had your child’s Medical Action Plan reviewed/updated, please email a copy to

Other health/immunisation and medication consents

All parents are asked to log onto the Community/Parent Portal to complete medical and immunisation/healthcare information for their child/ren for 2021. Within this part of the Portal, parents can also provide consent for ‘over the counter’ medications that the Nurse can administer (for example Paracetamol) to their child.

Instructions on how to access and update information in the Community Portal please click here. Please refer to page 1, under ‘My Details’ for instructions on how update ‘Medical’ as well as ‘Immunisations & Healthcare’.


Collection of 2021 Student Residential Address Collection

Pulteney Grammar School is required to provide a statement of addresses to the Australian Government Department of Education Skills and Employment in order to ensure that the Government’s funding calculations for the School are accurate.

Please review the notice from the Australian Government in relation to the 2021 regarding Student Residential Address Collection here, which provides further information about these requirements.

Parents are asked to log on to the Community Portal and review and update where necessary the address on file for each child enrolled at the school.

Should you have any queries regarding this matter, or should you require further information or clarification, please do not hesitate the School.