Fundraising in Term 1 – Supporting Foodbank

Our school community marked the beginning of the Season of Lent by hosting a pancake lunch to raise funds for Foodbank. This charity was chosen by our Year 12 Prefects. 

Our Middle School leaders were great ambassadors, encouraging students to wear a splash of purple and participate in Quad games during lunchtime. Other fundraising activities that will take place this term include a Foodbank can challenge. How many three-course meals can one tutor class make from their donated cans? 1kg = $1 and feeds two people. What will be the monetary value of the collective weight of a tutor groups cans? What will be the most creative can snake? How many students will decide to participate in our whole school Easter Egg hunt on the last day of term? More information and photos of these activities will be included on our Facebook page and in the PRW over the coming weeks.

Living Lent @ Home

An invitation to journey with your child...

On Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of a reflective journey to Easter, students from each sub-school attended a service to learn more about the season of Lent. 

An interactive game was played at each service. In some services, teachers had to play the game and answer questions. There was also a twist. The person who came last was the winner for Lent is a slow, meditative journey. In Lent, we can decide to be more prayerful. We can examine our relationship with each other, spend more time in creation, think of others' needs, give from our abundance and spend more time thinking about our relationship with God. 

The following Lenten practices were from our Live Lent Game; you may like to choose some of these suggestions so that you can Live Lent with your family. 

Make a commitment to pray or think of those in need each morning.

Meditate with a family member or friend each week. 

Say a prayer of thanks before your evening meal.

Save water by having shorter showers. 

Replace 30 Minutes of TV or screen time with journaling or drawing.

This Lent, try not to complain or speak negatively. 

Clean out your bedroom cupboards and donate items to a charity of your choice.

Give up your favourite fast food and donate the money you saved to a charity of your choice.

This Lent, don't snack in-between meals. If you feel hunger pains, you can offer a prayer or thought for those who go without food every day. 

This Lent, you spend time focusing on taking care of the body that God gave you. 

Give up gossiping. When you feel like gossiping or talking behind someone else's back, try and replace your negative comment with a positive one.

Do your best to repair any broken relationships. 


The 2021 Confirmation Service will be conducted by The Archbishop of Adelaide, The Most Reverend Geoffrey Smith on Tuesday 23 March at 5.30pm in the Pulteney Chapel.

An invitation to explore Confirmation

As part of the ongoing commitment of Pulteney to enable students to nurture their faith, students attend a weekly chapel service. During this time, we explore the values, traditions and practices of Anglicanism through acts of worship, discussion, teaching and the broader lens of common human values.

One practice of the Anglican Church is to extend an invitation to students who would like to be confirmed. Confirmation is when a child personally accepts the promises that were said by their Godparents at their baptism. If a child has not been baptised, then confirmation signifies the start of a personal commitment to own their Christian faith.

Children 11 years or older are of the age to consider confirmation. If your child is interested in exploring this avenue or learning more about our Anglican practices, especially regarding receiving communion, please contact me via email or ring 0417 899 603. 

Reverend Tracey Gracey