Performing Arts

Mary Poppins 2.0

We are BACK! After 2 fantastic rehearsals, the cast and production team of Mary Poppins are on track and loving the process of preparing for the Mary Poppins experience concerts!

As Covid-19 changes are continuing to evolve, we hope to be in a position to advise you of what size audience we can have for the two performances (one at 7pm the other at 8.30pm). Of course, if there is capacity for a live audience and the numbers are limited (which is highly likely), we will prioritise the immediate families of the cast and musicians followed by the student crew. We will continue to monitor the situation, however we might not be able to make a final decision until just before the live concert date, 18July. We will live stream both performances so whatever happens you will have the option of watching the shows live from your home. 

Coffee in the Quad

Most Friday mornings we try to provide live music for our Quad Cafe. Last Friday we presented the Senior Strings Ensemble with a lovely live audience appreciating their playing and a hot cup of coffee! This week we have the Stage Band 2 performing, so we hope to see you there, outside the Middle School building from 8.00am, Friday 19 June.

Co-Curricular Dance

I am excited to announce that co-curricular dance is back and running this term. Information was provided to parents of dance co-curricular students, informing them all of the start date for all classes. After such a long break it is great to see the students back into their dance, having fun, developing skills, working with other students from different year levels, getting exercise and being creative! The instructors for the rest of the year are as follows;

Prep Dance – Talia Monaghan
MS/SS Dance – Martine Quigley
Reception Dance – Jo Casson & Addi Schwartz (with Carla Bigioli returning in semester 2)
Year 1 & 2 Dance – Rosanna Commisso

Performing Arts Events in Semester 2

As we gradually move back to the regular normal, so too are our plans for performing arts events in term 3 and 4 this year. To this end we have put many concerts and performances back into the school master calendar including the following. 

29 July – Music Soiree
25 August – Gig@theGov
21, 28 August and 4 and 11 September – Royal Adelaide Hospital Foyer Performances
12 September – Dance@Pulteney Concert
19 September - Classical Concert
21 October – Instrumental Soiree
27 October – Piano Soiree
4 November – Strings Soiree
11 November – Remembrance Day Service
11 November –  Year 10/11 Drama Presentation night
18 November – Kurrajong Christmas Concert
20 November – Year 9 Extension Dance Presentation
24 November – Carols and Lessons
26 November – Pulteney Celebrates
2 December – ELC Christmas Party

Please note we are still unsure how these events will include a live audience as this will be determined much closer to the date of the event;

Jonathon Rice

Learning Area Leader Performing Arts

Coordinator of Performance and Instrumental Programs