Middle School

In this week’s PRW we focus on student leadership. With the social distancing requirements, a number of our activities, such as Chapel services and assemblies have become virtual. This has provided a great opportunity for our students, led by the House Prefects, to take leadership in developing these virtual events.

Currently, each Middle School House is taking responsibility to produce the virtual Middle School assembly adding their own personal touch. The House Prefects have been outstanding in organising and developing the assembly videos.

The House Prefects have also been fantastic in helping develop and run the House activities including the House tunnel ball, chant videos and the Rungie Cup chess and table tennis events.  

I thought it timely to get our House Prefect’s  perspective on their leadership and asked them to respond to the four questions below.

  • What have you enjoyed about being a House Leader this year?
  • What sort of tasks have you been involved?
  • What have you learnt about leadership?
  • What advice would you give Year 8 students considering student leadership?

Their responses are below:

Paul Ryan

Head of Middle School


Part of being a House Prefect in Bleby-Howard means that we get to connect with students of all year levels; it is like being an older sibling, but with a badge.

We help to organise exciting events like Athletics Day, Swimming Carnival, Rungie Cup or House Spirit Events, Buddy Activities and Fundraisers. At the end of the day, the reward is seeing the smiles on all the students faces and how much they enjoyed it.

Being a leader isn’t about being perfect all the time, it is okay not to do it all, as long as you are trying your best. Leadership is about everyone. Students may think that being a leader means controlling from the front of a group, but in fact, it is about ushering from the back.

Applying for House Prefect is a fantastic learning opportunity and a chance you do not want to miss out on. The second stage of the application process is the interview. If you’re nervous, it means you care, it’s how you take on those nerves that changes the outcome. We are always happy for students to ask us questions about this and look forward to introducing the process with the Year 8 students later in the year.

From Sienna Brownrigg, Mackenzie Barr, Sofia Savva and Abbey Wilkinson


As House Leaders we have met many different people from our Houses and built positive, meaningful relationships with them. These students span across all three year groups, our three Tutor Groups, and the Pulteney community as a whole.

In this role we have all learnt a lot about what it means to be a leader. We have discovered through experience that being a leader is about more than making decisions. It is about assisting the people you lead to be the best they can be at what they love. It’s about helping people achieve their goals and to grow as people.

In our roles, we have had the opportunity to help organise and run many different events. One of our favourites has been Rungie Cup as we have been able to help our House mates to push themselves to be better. As Admiral Chester Nimitz once said “Leadership consists of picking good people and helping them do their best”

To all the year eights who are contemplating applying for position, we highly recommend that you take the opportunity. This is because leadership positions at Pulteney enable you to create meaningful, and valuable connections within the entire school community, from Kurrajong to one ninety, and contribute in different ways towards your House and the Pulteney community. 

From Sophie Beswick, Benjamin Bowering, Scarlett Howard and Ross Koutsounis


During this year we have been involved in many tasks and responsibilities. Throughout COVID-19, we as House leaders, assisted with helping to keep the connection across all of the Tutor Groups and House. We organised and helped with many events including Rungie Cup and House Activities. We also took part in preparing a whole Middle School assembly, filming all the clips and tying them together in one whole video. One other task that we took on as a responsibility was leading our Tutor Groups, if and when our teachers are unavailable at that time.

This year we have learnt a lot about leadership. We have gained confidence throughout the year to take control of a group in tough situations. Another thing that we have learnt is to make good connections with other year levels, this makes things a lot easier when we are working with them and picking Rungie cup teams. Also, we have learnt to stay organised and prioritise the House tasks over everything else as the whole House is relying on us.

Being a House leader has many great aspects. We have really enjoyed learning new leadership skills that will be very useful in the future. We have enjoyed working as a team and getting to know each other, while achieving goals as a leadership group. 

Getting to watch the eagerness of new students and be able to encourage and have a positive influence on our peers has been great as well. One of our favourite parts of our leadership position is Sports Day and all the sport competitions held within the school, as we get to help out and encourage participation.  

For year 8 students aspiring to be Middle School House Prefects we would say the main thing is to branch out your friendships across all year levels in your House - making connections with the year 7s and 9s in your respective Tutor Group. Another piece of advice we would give, in regards to being a House Prefect, would be to get involved in the Pulteney community and participate in co-curricular activities and fundraisers because these will all give you an advantage over other candidates come the end of the year. Finally, start thinking about what you would like to implement in the House as leaders as this will show how invested you are.

From Gabe Bowering, Ariel Boyce, Dion Patsouris and Cassie Wadham


Being a House Prefect this year has brought so many new opportunities to be a part of the school’s community. Working closely and creating relationships with the students and teachers is something that you might not realise is such an important and exciting aspect of being a House Prefect.

We have all been involved in organising events for the school and House, helping with fundraisers, being a huge part of House events like Swimming Carnival and Sports Day and helping our teachers lead our Tutor Groups every day.

Leadership is a lot more than the badge; it means actually acting on the values you promote as a leader for your House. Sometimes sacrificing your free time for the benefit of your House is a huge part of leadership, because it is bigger than you.

To any Year 8s considering a leadership role, go for it. We would suggest you make sure that you are willing to commit, show leadership now, even though you might not have the badge yet, and stay positive about the House all day and every day.

From Olivia Cardillo, Sebastian Atterton, Emma Neuhaus, and Jamie Johnston