From the Principal

For some reason it is always the slow road that we find ourselves on when making a return journey. While the move into coronavirus contingency took but a few helter-skelter weeks, the road back will take much longer. Friday brought welcomed news for many with the opening of the South Australian borders without quarantine expectations from 20 July. Groups of 300 will be permitted to gather from 19 June, and full contact sport may resume from 25 June with further easing of restrictions pencilled in for 29 June. It seems we live our lives week to week at present; each bringing with it a further restoration of a part of our life. Patience the price paid, it seems, for our health.

In schools, we continue to pay caution to decision making and exercise common sense whenever discretion is required. There has been no government update for schools since 22 April and so we look towards the state and federal roadmaps to recovery for direction and inference. It is my great hope that Term 3 commences with an assembly; for an assembly would mean that as a school, for the first time since February, we could gather together. It is odd to consider the aspects of school that we take for granted and those which we even, from time to time, view with a hint of apathy. For something as simple as an assembly, in a time of social distancing, becomes a luxury and a longed-for possibility. To gather is to unite and I look forward to the day we can, once again, unite in the same place at the same time.

All my best for the week ahead.

Cameron Bacholer