Prep School

Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation Art Workshops

The highlight of this week for a group of Year 5 and 6 students in the Prep School was their participation in an Art workshop, run by Anna Mahoney, supporting the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation.

The Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation has been actively supporting the health care workers and families at the Hospital during COVID 19. As part of this, they decided to install a pop-up art exhibit featuring rainbows and inspirational messages in one of their buildings. 

The Prep School students brainstormed their thoughts and ideas about hope, happiness, colour and joy as they began their half day workshop then decorated calico bags with their messages using vibrant, colourful designs.   Their artwork is currently on display as part of the pop-up exhibition in the ground floor of 55 King William Road – across the street from the Hospital.

This was a wonderful opportunity for the Prep School children to become active in their support for the wider community and to further develop the skills required to be thoughtful, compassionate and cooperative in their approach to others and the world around them.

Denise O’Loughlin

Head of Prep School

Year 6 Sustainability

During Term 2, the Year 6 classes focused on sustainability and ways we can improve our planet Earth by living a cleaner life. The children have been exploring renewable energies and writing letters to the editor, as a strategy to persuade others along the way. Each student also researched their own local council area to find out about the removal of rubbish and this led to the children looking closer at how they and their families should sort their rubbish into the various bins provided.

As well as creating a colourful display of helpful posters for our classrooms, the Year 6 students have been helping out with the trash at home, and thus keeping the whole family accountable and responsible with their recycling and green waste. The students are only half-way through the topic for this term, but have already learnt a lot, and are now looking forward to starting a project to research one of the renewable energies in more detail.

Matthew King, Robyn Cox and Claire Drogemuller

Year 6 classroom teachers

OSHC Vacation Care Booking Form

I am pleased to announce that the OSHC July 2020 Vacation Care program and booking forms are now available. 

You can find a copy of the Vacation Care booking form at OSHC, online, HERE or on the Pulteney website .  Any bookings received after the due date will incur a late booking fee of $5 per day, per child.

Please also note that if your child has a medical condition, such as anaphylaxis, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy etc, we require an updated Medical Action Plan. Numerous Action Plans are currently out of date and will need reviewing by your child's medical practitioner.

Please also be mindful that we do not have access to the onsite nurse in the school holiday period and will require all medication and updated Medical Action Plans to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your child. Your child will not be able to attend OSHC if these are not provided prior to their attendance.

If you require any further information, feel free to contact me via email or phone.

Vancy Truong

OSHC Acting Director