Health and Wellbeing

As winter approaches, we would like to remind you we have several students in our school community who have compromised immune systems.

As you can imagine, schools are great places for infectious diseases to spread, so it is important adults take on the responsibility to ensure the potential for infection is minimised.

Gastro and flu type illnesses are once again amongst us, so it is timely to remind parents that if your child is presenting with vomiting, diarrhoea, cough, sore throat, a temperature above 37.5, shortness of breath or other infectious illness symptoms, they should remain absent from school for a minimum 24 hour period after symptom cessation. This is to ensure they do not infect others.  It is also important to include any student who is being tested for COVID-19 or influenza, that they should remain at home in self-isolation until test results are known.

COVID-19, influenza, chicken pox, shingles and measles are notifiable infectious diseases. If your child has one of these diseases verified by a doctor, it is important you notify the school immediately.

It is vital we all adhere to these requests to minimise student and staff illness during the school year.

Changes to Health Centre Times

Please note the Health Centre will be closed daily 11:45-12:15pm until the end of term. 

In the event that assistance is required during this time, Sub School Personal Assistants, who hold current First Aid qualifications, will be on hand to provide care and attention. School nurses will remain contactable via phone should their expertise be required.

Thank you for your support

Sharon Bowering and Karen Quinn

School Nurses / Registered Nurses