one ninety

As Principal Bacholer notes in this week’s edition of PRW, my tenure as Head of one ninety and teacher at Pulteney Grammar School will come to a close at the end of 2020. This decision is directly related to my acceptance of the role of Deputy Head at Somerset College (Queensland).

This decision has been a difficult one. Although I am excited by the prospect and challenge of my impending move and new position, I am truly very saddened to leave Pulteney Grammar School.

I was awarded the position of Head of one ninety at the end of 2014 and commenced in 2015. Principal Anne Dunstan offered me the position, much to my delight but also surprise. Although eager, I was inexperienced. Thankfully, Principal Dunstan obviously saw something in me that she believed could grow and benefit the community. I am forever thankful and indebted to her for this decision.

Throughout my time at Pulteney, I have worked to honour the School’s history and with the intent to assist its future. With this in mind, I am proud of the work I have done over my six-year tenure and readily acknowledge that it could not have been fulfilled without the wonderful Executive, teaching and support staff that I have been so exceptionally fortunate to work with.

My partner (Lani) and I would also like to formally acknowledge the wonderful educators of Kurrajong who have helped and cared for our son, Parker, over the last year and a half in ELC. I look forward to him being in their care for the rest of the 2020 academic calendar year as we know that he is in good hands.

There will be time in the coming months to say farewell and I look forward to continuing my dedicated work until the end of the academic year. But I do take this opportunity to publicly state that I will miss Pulteney. I will miss the grounds, the comradery of staff and, most of all, the students.

Teaching is a profession I dearly love as it is firmly grounded in relationships. I will miss all the relationships I have forged at Pulteney… but am thankful for the opportunity to have fostered them in the first place.

But, as stated, there is still six months to go and much to look forward to and assist with. Examinations, the re-scheduled Navy Blue Formal, Valedictory and other key events all require attention and I am eager and enthusiastic for these to be the focus. The show goes on!

I would also like to take this opportunity acknowledge that, for the next three months, Mrs Leanne Zikos will take her considerable skills and talents over to Wheaton House where she will assume the role of Executive Assistant to the Business Director and Director of Human Resources. Mrs Zikos will be greatly missed in the Centre for Senior Learning, by both students and staff, but we look forward to her return towards the end of August.

Mrs Kiri Marshall, who has been at  the school for over twelve years in Kurrajong, will take on this role and we welcome her to our sub-school. In fact, Mrs Marshall will be particularly welcomed by long-serving Year 10 - 12 students who will remember her from their time in Kurrajong. 

Nicholas Brice

Head of one ninety