Middle School

Reconciliation Week

Reconciliation week began on Wednesday 27 May. In the Middle School, during Tutor time, students have been exploring significant political and historical moments in our Indigenous peoples battle for equality and recognition. 

To make it significant, relevant and engaging for our students I asked Mr John McCall, Learning Area for English, and Mark McGarry, TRT and Supervision Manager, who are both excellent musicians, if they would perform the Paul Kelly song, “From Little Things Big Things Grow’, for our virtual Middle School assembly, which they did. Accompanied by John’s brother-in-law, Julian Ferraretto, on violin (John performs with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra) they produced a very passionate version of Paul Kelly’s magnificent song about the indigenous Gurindji elder Vincent Lingiari.

The story of Vincent Lingiari AM, as the song lyrics tell us, is about the battle of a quietly spoken, and humble man against the Vestey Group, a powerful British Beef Company. Vincent with 200 indigenous stockmen initially went on strike because of the inequity in wages. They were receiving one fifth of the wage of the non-indigenous stockmen. It grew to be a battle for the Gurindji people’s right to their land. The battle lasted 9 years and eventually, in 1975, the then Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam, acknowledged the Gurindji people's right to land and handed over the leasehold title to the Gurindji people.

In 1977 Vincent Lingiari was made a Member of the Order of Australia for his contribution to Aboriginal rights and for being a role model to all Australians.

It is a significant story in the history of Australia and one of many stories that we want our students to be aware, and to understand the significance of, so they may one day help to forge the way to fixing the disparity between our First Nations people, and the wider Australian community.

Click HERE to see and hear John McCall and Mark McGarry (with John’s brother in-law,) performing Paul Kelly’s ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’ for Reconciliation Week.

House Chant Videos

And now to announce the Middle School House Chant video winner, with points going toward the House Spirit Cup. The judging was difficult as all the videos were impressive, so I enlisted Rev Tracey to provide her expert opinion.  Each House video had its merits in different areas and all the House chants are impressive. It will be exciting to hear the House chants in action at Rungie Cup and other House events. 

The winner of the House chant video is Moore-Sunter, followed closely in second place by Cawthorne-Nicholls. Third place goes to Bleby-Howard and fourth to Kennion-Miller.

Congratulations to the Middle School Moore-Sunter House!

Homework Club

The Middle School Homework Club is starting up again from this week.  The Inclusive Education Team are offering study support for Years 7-12 on a Tuesday night in the Centre for Senior Learning from 3.45pm until 4.30.

On Wednesday, Middle School teaching staff have volunteered to run homework support in Room MS2.6 from 3.45pm until 4.30pm.

Students wishing to attend the Homework Club on either the Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon, simply need to turn up with their books and diary. If they are having difficulties with any aspect of their homework, they will be able to receive teacher support.


The boys’ grey trousers are now available for purchase from the Uniform shop, so we are expecting more students to be wearing their winter uniform.

To clarify our current uniform expectations, students are to wear their winter uniform on any day that they do not have a PE class or sport practice. When students have PE or sports practice, they are to wear their PE uniform for the entire day, as we still do not want students gathering in the changerooms.

Parent support with the correct wearing of the winter uniform is always appreciated. We expect students will wear their uniform with pride ensuring their top button is done up, shirts tucked in and the boys wearing grey, not white, socks.

Paul Ryan

Head of Middle School