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A Penny For Your Thoughts…….Parent Survey

During a recent Pulteney Review article, I shared that ‘the need for innovative, solution-focused, creative thinking could not be more important than the present, as we continue to carefully navigate the trials and challenges cast by the pandemic. Workplaces, community groups, sporting clubs and schools all have needed to examine their practice and investigate and identify new ways to meet the needs of their employees, customers, members, participants, staff and students’.

Our school was swift to act during a time of challenge, quickly putting in place the necessary steps to ensure continuity of teaching and learning through our online learning model called Pulteney@Home.

Pulteney@Home offered a solution that allowed the school to move, temporarily, to a virtual learning platform while our campus remained open and gave students and teachers access to the best possible mix of online tools and onsite support services to allow students’ learning to continue uninterrupted. A deliberate focus of Pulteney@Home was its strong emphasis on wellbeing and facilitated ways for students to remain connected with their peers, their teachers and their school.

More recently, parents of students in the Middle and Senior School have had the opportunity to attend Parent Teacher Student Meetings online via video conferencing using Microsoft Teams where important information about their child’s progress was discussed in detail.

The realisation of our Pulteney@Home program and Online Parent Teacher Student Meetings has been a real team effort and we have learnt a great deal through implementing these two new initiatives in such a short amount of time.

However, we are keen to seek feedback from parents, students and teachers regarding their experience with the Pulteney@Home program and online meetings through a series of short surveys.

A link to the Parent Survey can found here and will only take a few minutes to complete.

The survey will remain open until Wednesday 17 June and, importantly, your feedback will inform and guide our practice moving forward.

I would like to thank and acknowledge our school community for the support, encouragement and patience you provided as we implemented these new initiatives. I look forward to sharing the results of the surveys with you in future Pulteney Review articles.

Greg Atterton

Deputy Principal 





Greg Atterton

Deputy Principal