From the Chaplain

Whole School Fundraiser

This term we are holding a whole school fundraiser to support the Magdalene Centre and the Red Shield Appeal. 

To introduce our fundraiser to staff and students, classes from various sub-schools helped me lead our chapel services so that we could discuss the reasons why we choose to give to those in need. An important aspect of giving is not how much we give but how we choose to give, and I believe that when we choose to give from the heart, then we are giving in abundance.  

The Wellbeing Team decided to hold a can drive so that we can help re-stock the shelves of the Magdalene pantry when they re-open. We were hoping to form a human chain to reach the doors of the Magdalene Centre, which is situated in Gilbert street, but due to COVID-19, this cannot happen. So, our aim is to hypothetically reach the doors of the Magdalene Centre by collecting at least 1200 cans. 

On Friday June 12, (Week 7) we will hold a casual clothes day. To participate in this fundraiser, students are invited to bring in a can or cans. They can also wear a splash of red to support the Red Shield Appeal. 

On Thursday June 18 (Week 8) at noon…

  • Kurrajong will use their cans to make the logo of the Mary Magdalene Centre for a publicity photo. 
  • The Prep school will use their cans to create a can scrabble board for a publicity photo.
  • The Senior & Middle School Houses will use their cans to create community service words for a publicity photo.

After this event, there will be a Sausage Sizzle & Music in the Quad for Middle and Senior school students. The costs for the sausage sizzle lunch are $3 mega combo [sausage & bread + Can] $2 [for sausage & bread] $1.50 can of soft drink. Vego patties will also be available. The monies raised from the BBQ will be donated to the Red Shield Appeal.  

Could you please encourage your child to think of those in need by selecting a can or two when you are next at the supermarket. Your support is greatly appreciated. 

 Rev. Tracey