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Pulteney Review Weekly Term 2, Week 5 2020

Cameron Bacholer 2 Square3 Pulteney From the Principal The 1966 Broadway musical Sweet Charity is most commonly remembered for the brassy Act I song ‘Big Spender’.  The opening number to Act II though, The... Read more... Greg Atterton8 Pulteney From the Deputy Principal Over time, educators have recognised that the methods of schooling young people, adopted largely in the 19th century, are no longer truly fit for purp... Read more... SNoonan WB Pulteney 200315 033sml10 one ninety one ninety Alan Laiken once said that, “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now”. Traditional schooling has no... Read more... Middle School9 Middle School Middle School In the first assembly of the school year, the House Spirit Cup was introduced to Middle School students. The original House Cup, dating back to 1946, ... Read more... Mood Board 44 Prep School Prep School Sport Training The Prep School students were very excited to return to sport training this week and we were thankful that the rain held off to allow t... Read more... MG 10 Kurrajong Kurrajong Co-curricular Last week the co-curricular program began in Kurrajong. The children that were registered through the TryBooking process earlier in the ... Read more... Different sport balls3 Sport From the Head of Sport As another week passes we draw closer to normality. Week 4 witnessed the resumption of Prep and Kurrajong Sport, and having had the privilege of coach... Read more... Performing Arts6 Pulteney Performing Arts Performing Arts As we all gradually come out of the performing arts period inactivity due to Covid-19, I am thrilled to announce that all the planned ... Read more... PGSPF2 Pulteney Parents and Friends of Pulteney P&F Sustainable Uniform “Pop-up”. Between ELC and Year 12 our children go through several iterations of school uniform. Whether this is as a result of... Read more... Mood Board 45 one ninety Futures No Updates this week Read more... Mood Board 169sml22 Pulteney From the Chaplain No updates this week Read more... first aid11 one ninety Middle School Health and Wellbeing No updates this week Read more...