Performing Arts

Performing Arts

While we are all watching and waiting to see how the restrictions on our normal lives are gradually lifted, we wait to see how this might impact our performance program at Pulteney. Many events are on the board for term 2 and 3 that we would love to perform for our students, their parents and the community as a whole.  Several exciting events are planned for term 3 including the ABODA Band Festival, Gig@TheGov, The Royal Adelaide Hospital Lunch Time concert series, the year 12 drama production of Picnic at Hanging Rock and the annual Dance Concert. I will advise the community as we are able to confirm the performances.

It is planned to send home to students and their parents, the proposed schedule of the performing arts concerts and events for term 2 and 3, irrespective of the possible audience for these events.


The Co-Curricular Dance videos created by Ding Productions have been a huge hit, with many families enjoying them at home. We are still waiting on the go ahead for co-curricular dance classes to re-start, but I do hope this could happen later this term. Again, I will let all the families involved know more when I can. This could be a great time for your son or daughter to join the fun and become members of our various dance classes. We currently have four groups; Reception Class (Wed 3.30 – 4pm), Yr 1-2 Class (Wed 3.30 – 4pm), Prep Class (Monday 3.45 – 4.45pm) and MS/SS Class (Tuesday 3.45 – 4.45pm). Please contact me if you are interested in enrolling your child. Dance classes go all the way through to mid-term 4 as well as a dance concert at the end of term 3.

Instrumental and Vocal Program

I am very happy to report that our music tutors are back on deck and delivering their lessons to your sons and daughters. The feedback I have received from the students and music tutors using our new facilities has been fantastic! Everyone is thrilled to be in the new building and leaving our old rooms behind. If you would like your child to learn a musical instrument or to sing, please contact me and I can facilitate this process for you. It is never too early or too late to learn an instrument!

Jonathon Rice

Head of Performance and Instrumental Music

Learning Area Leader – Performing Arts