From the Principal

The sight of students running, jumping, kicking and throwing on South Terrace has never been more welcomed than it was this week as sport training recommenced across Pulteney Grammar School. It has been yet another sign of optimism and return of the texture to school life that our students value so much.

It has been a similar story in the Nicholls Building where bands have struck up their play once again with a view to performances in the weeks to come. Monday, June 8, has been provided by the government as the next horizon for possible relaxation of social distancing measures and we eagerly await what it might bring. Until then, we plan for what might be possible. Indeed, recent conversations with outdoor education provider OEG have focussed on what possibilities for camps could exist later this year and recognising likely domestic travel restrictions will remain. These early conversations have proven most fruitful and I look forward to, should society’s emergence from the pandemic continue as it currently is, confirming these opportunities in due course.

Recently, I had the pleasure, together with some colleagues, to record a few contributions to the Pulteney Storytime Series; a collection of book readings that will be released each week throughout this term. We hope students in our younger years enjoy them; ‘Silver Buttons’ is a personal favourite of mine.

Traffic Management

Drop off and pick up are the two busiest times in the school day. Near 1000 people are, at these times, trying to arrive and depart and this leads to the streets filled with cars and people. We ask for everyone’s assistance at these times to ensure the safety of all members of the community and indeed the general public. The school please asks:

  • For all pedestrians to use the pedestrian crossing or footbridge when crossing South Terrace.
  • For cars not to double park on South Terrace or Gilles St even if children are in eyesight.
  • For cars not to idle in surrounding streets such as Howard Florey Street and by doing so block the movement of local residents.

The School encourages families of students in Years 7-12 to consider alternative means of transport if feasible or arranging drop off and pick up locations a short walk from the school gates


Earlier this term, we announced that communications at Pulteney would change this term and the Pulteney Review would become a weekly repository for information, news and photographs. Below is a summary of the School’s means of communications  that should serve as a reference guide for all families.


Cameron Bacholer