From the Head of Sport

What a difference a week makes!  It has been remarkable how quickly and easily our students and coaches have re-engaged with our sport program.  Practices have been a joy to behold with happy, engaged, active students, loving life and all appropriately socially distanced!  We are very appreciative of how considerate and agile everyone has been in this first week of re-engagement.  With the establishment of routine, things will only become easier.

From today it is important that everyone defaults to the Pulteney Sports App as the source of information regarding sport training.  Please download the Pulteney Sports App from either iTunes or Google Play. 

Should you experience any difficulties please email who provide outstanding customer service.

Over the next few weeks we will continue to focus on the students having a lot of fun, being as active as possible, while also working hard at connecting with each other and their coaches – the most positive teams and groups connect as people as opposed to just being players and coaches.

We will also continue to ask students to reflect on the absence of sport and to be grateful for the opportunities and each other, now we are returning to normality.  There is also a great opportunity over this period to really connect with our purpose in sport of ‘Better Never Stops’ and to work out how we can best model our care values of ‘Commitment, Unity, Growth Mindset’.

If the situation in SA continues to track positively, we are hopeful of a return to inter-school games, friendly warm ups in the first instance, from Week 7 and a return to competition proper from Term 3 Week 1.

Huw Bowen

Head of Sport