Pulteney Review Week 8 Term 2

Children and Young People’s Charter Summit

A group of Prep School students were invited to participate in the Children and Young People’s Charter Summit held at the Adelaide Zoo. This was an exciting opportunity for the students to represent the South Australian population and provide authentic student voice in the development of a Charter for Children and Young people in SA.

The summit was coordinated by the Child Development Council who wished to include the perspectives of children and young people in the development of the charter. The charter focused on the five dimensions of health, safety, wellbeing, education and citizenship.

The summit was fun-filled with lots of opportunity for group discussion and it was lovely to see our students participate in such a professional manner.

Anna Zerillo

Assistant Head of Administration and Pastoral Care

Gifted and Talented
Tournament of Minds 2019

Pulteney Grammar is going to enter four teams in the Tournament of Minds competition this year; one team from Prep, one team combined with Prep and Middle School, one team from Middle School and one team combined with Middle and Senior School. There has been continued strong interest in the competition, so unfortunately many students who worked tirelessly in the trials have missed out this year, due to specific numbers, year levels and criteria required for each team. Pulteney Grammar’s TOM teams for 2019 are as follows:

Prep Team

Addison Ritossa
Lilah Dunn
Eric Liang
Charlotte Jarmer
Kai Dalby
Harry Marks
Adam Brownbill

Prep and Middle School Team

Jasinta Brownbill
Jedda Dadds
Riya Mallampati
Zara Chiera
Samuel Williams
Charlie Grivell
Diesel Kereru

Middle School Team

Madison Schubert
Addi Schwartz
Finn Boylen
Lily Koch
Emma Neuhaus
Cameron Hughes
Oscar Mitchell 

Middle and Senior School Team

Daniel Hassan
Hugh Mahoney
Fraser Brion
Lachlan Perry
Thomas Smid
Ross Koutsounis
Riley Brion

In Term 3, the students will need to select a challenge and solve it through a performance from one of the following areas; STEM, Language Literature, Social Sciences or the Arts. In the six weeks leading up to Tournament Day, the students will also continue to work on solving spontaneous problems, as this will be a separate part of what they are judged on during the competition. The students will present their challenge and answer their spontaneous problem at Flinders University on Sunday, 8 September. I wish Pulteney Grammar’s TOM teams every success for this prestigious event.


Sue Mavropoulos
Gifted and Talented Coordinator and Teacher
Tournament of Minds Coordinator and Facilitator


STEM Young Women in STEM

On the 5th of June 2019, a small group of Year 10 girls attended the Young Women in STEM excursion. This event was held at Adelaide University and allowed us to participate in many activities that assisted us in gaining a better perspective of the different careers within the STEM field. At the beginning of the day, we were introduced to a young engineer, Tahlia Sklifoff, who talked to us about her journey and experience, studying and working in STEM fields. This was a fantastic introduction to the day and broadened our understanding of the possibilities within the industry.

Firstly, we participated in an activity where we used simple card games to model complex problem solving and probability strategies. Two mathematical science professors talked to us about the different ways of thinking about simple card games. They taught us to utilise certain strategies that resulted in a win almost every time.

Following morning tea, we had the opportunity to work in pairs to construct a speaker using wires, magnets, paper plates and cups. With the help of an Adelaide University professor, we were able to connect the speakers we made to an electric guitar and observe what factors made some speakers work better than others.

We then made our way through a busy study area, where we were provided with a fresh insight into what life in University involves. We were taken to meet a group of university students who were part of Adelaide University’s Motorsport team. We participated in an activity which gave us an insight into what mechanical engineers do. We were given a budget, and then were required to purchase weights and other materials such as sticky tape and plasticine, to add weight to the car. We worked in small groups to try to figure out the best way to arrange the weights in order for the car to travel faster than the others down a ramp. We got to race the cars against each other and were taught about how the distribution of weights affects the speed at which the car travels.

For the last activity we worked in groups to create a structure that was earthquake proof using materials such as wooden skewers, tape and styrofoam balls. We were challenged to design and construct a tall structure that could carry multiple weights and stay in one piece while on an earthquake simulator.

Overall, the experience was very worthwhile and provided us with a deeper understanding of the many possibilities for women in STEM careers. We were provided with the opportunity to learn from a group of university professors and students, and also participate in hands-on activities.

Jaime Kelly and Sophie Rundle



Year 12 Tertiary Information Evening – 7 August - save the date!

On Wednesday 7 August, Year 12 students and their parents are invited to attend an information evening, which will be held in Wyatt Hall. Throughout the night, there will be guest speakers from each of the major SA universities, plus an outline of the SATAC application process will also be given. This is a very informative evening and all Year 12 students, and their families, are strongly encouraged to attend.

University and TAFE Open Days – 16 to 18 August – save the date!

Open days at University and TAFE are a fantastic way for students and their families to explore post-schooling options. This year, Adelaide University, UniSA and Adelaide TAFE, will be open on Sunday 18 August, with Flinders University open on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 August. Please put these dates in your diary, as I would strongly encourage all Year 10, 11 and 12 students, who are considering TAFE and University options, to attend. Timetables and more information will be available closer to the date, or on the respective institutions’ websites.

FUTURES website

Pulteney’s ‘Futures’ website can be found at www.pulteneyfutures.com. The website contains a large amount of information on all things ‘careers’, including job seeking skills, career exploration tools and post-schooling study links, plus links to other career and ‘future’ relevant websites. In addition to contacting me, I would encourage you and your child to explore the website when you are seeking ‘Futures’ information.

I would particularly encourage our current Year 12 students to continue (or begin) to explore their post-schooling options for 2020 and beyond in the upcoming July school holidays. Whilst I know many Year 12 students will be concentrating on their upcoming exams, the final week of the July holiday time provides an opportunity for students to begin to finalise their 2020 options. SATAC applications will open early in Term 3, and if students are able to have some ideas about their future, this will assist with their decision making at this time.

Below are several websites, which you can also find on the Pulteney Futures website under the ‘important information’ tab, which students (and parents) may find useful, when exploring pathways for the future.





http://www.australianapprenticeships.gov.au/ (Apprenticeships and Traineeships)

http://study.unisa.edu.au/ (Uni SA)

https://www.adelaide.edu.au/study/undergraduate/ (Adelaide University)

https://www.flinders.edu.au/study (Flinders University)

http://www.tafesa.edu.au/home.aspx (TAFESA)



https://www.pulteneyfutures.com/?page=custom-page-2 – a series of online career quizzes which may assist students to focus their futures thinking.

University Adjustment Factors (previously known as Bonus Points)

I have had several conversations with Year 12 students recently about how the adjustment factors impact on their ATAR for entry into the SA universities, so I have included some information below for you to read. From 2018 onwards, bonus points are now referred to as ‘adjustment factors’. There are two components to the adjustment factors in SA – the Universities Equity Scheme and the Universities Language, Literacy and Mathematics Bonus Scheme. The schemes are administered by SATAC, based on rules provided by the universities. For specific information about the adjustment factor (bonus points) schemes, go to http://www.satac.edu.au/universities-bonus-schemes

Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)

The Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) is developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). The test is used widely by tertiary institutions in Australia, to assist them with the selection of students across a broad range of academic programs.
The 2-hour test assesses a range of competencies considered important for successful tertiary study and consists of 70 multiple choice questions, half of which are verbal/critical reasoning and the other half quantitative reasoning. Year 12 students, who will be 18 on or before 1 February 2020, are eligible to sit the STAT as an alternative entry pathway to university if they wish. Students apply to sit the STAT through their SATAC application. For further information, go to: https://stat.acer.org/

If you have any questions concerning careers or related topics, please feel free to contact me on leeanne.bryan@pulteney.sa.edu.au or 8216 5553.

Have a great week!

Leeanne Johnston-Bryan

Coordinator of Futures

Performing Arts

In years past we have held an annual Winter Concert at the ABC Studios in Collinswood but this year we return to the School and Wyatt Hall. The format has also changed a little to allow more students to perform for a longer time on stage. As part of this new format, we have created two halves, the first half starts at 4.15pm with Kurrajong and Prep students along with a guest ensemble being the Pulteney Handbells Ensemble and a guest artist, Paige Cowles on the clarinet. Then from 5.30 – 7pm we have a Winter Garden set up on the Prep Basketball court with live music from local professionals Mike Bevan and Chelsea McGuiness along with a bar, coffee cart, soup kitchen and Pizza van. At 7pm we start Act 2 with many Middle School and Senior School ensembles and choirs. Tickets are available on Trybooking.com for act 1 or act 2 or both. We encourage you all to come along and enjoy the music but to also enjoy some food, catch up with other families and enjoy the environment.


There are many exciting events on the calendar for term 3 including;

Music Soiree #2 Wednesday 31 July 6pm Drama Theatrette

Balaklava Eisteddfod Friday 2 August Balaklava

ABODA Band Festival 14 – 16 August  Westminster School

Pulteney Dance Concert Tuesday 20 August 6.30pm Wyatt Hall

Gig@theGov Tuesday 27 August 7.30pm Governor Hindmarsh Hotel

Classical Concert Tuesday 17 September 7pm Wyatt Hall


On Thursday night 13th June our current Yr 11 Drama students presented a wonderful play called “House on Fire”. Once again, the students performed in a full drama theatrette to an enthusiastic audience. The play was funny, dark and charming while the students played rolls that offered diversity of emotion and colour of character. Jamie Hibbert has, once again done a tremendous job in preparing the students to perform at a high standard. The production values were excellent, and the actors used the whole performing space to its best advantage. I love attending these drama events as the outcomes of the student’s work are always exceptional, exciting and full of youthful energy and spirit. Congratulations to the students on a wonderful production.

In Summary…..

What a Semester 1 we have had here in Performing Arts. With the Generations in Jazz trip, the Cabaret event, Wicked, plus many other smaller concerts and performances as well as the ANZAC Commemorative Music Tour to Europe, I know the staff and students of the Performing Arts faculty are all looking forward to the winter break to recover and re-charge for an exciting term 3. I look forward to seeing you at the Winter Music Festival this Saturday.

Jonathon Rice

Learning Area Leader Performing Arts

Upcoming events

Save the date for the following Pulteney events!




Sunday 18 August 12.00pm

Wild Wild West Long Lunch



Friday 22 November 11.30am

The Pulteney Foundation Golf Day

Wednesday 27 November 7.00pm 

 Pulteney Celebrates


Parent Rep Functions

All Parent Rep function information can be found here.

Year 2 Parent Dinner – Saturday 22 June





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