Gifted and Talented

Tournament of Minds 2019

Pulteney Grammar is going to enter four teams in the Tournament of Minds competition this year; one team from Prep, one team combined with Prep and Middle School, one team from Middle School and one team combined with Middle and Senior School. There has been continued strong interest in the competition, so unfortunately many students who worked tirelessly in the trials have missed out this year, due to specific numbers, year levels and criteria required for each team. Pulteney Grammar’s TOM teams for 2019 are as follows:

Prep Team

Addison Ritossa
Lilah Dunn
Eric Liang
Charlotte Jarmer
Kai Dalby
Harry Marks
Adam Brownbill

Prep and Middle School Team

Jasinta Brownbill
Jedda Dadds
Riya Mallampati
Zara Chiera
Samuel Williams
Charlie Grivell
Diesel Kereru

Middle School Team

Madison Schubert
Addi Schwartz
Finn Boylen
Lily Koch
Emma Neuhaus
Cameron Hughes
Oscar Mitchell 

Middle and Senior School Team

Daniel Hassan
Hugh Mahoney
Fraser Brion
Lachlan Perry
Thomas Smid
Ross Koutsounis
Riley Brion

In Term 3, the students will need to select a challenge and solve it through a performance from one of the following areas; STEM, Language Literature, Social Sciences or the Arts. In the six weeks leading up to Tournament Day, the students will also continue to work on solving spontaneous problems, as this will be a separate part of what they are judged on during the competition. The students will present their challenge and answer their spontaneous problem at Flinders University on Sunday, 8 September. I wish Pulteney Grammar’s TOM teams every success for this prestigious event.


Sue Mavropoulos
Gifted and Talented Coordinator and Teacher
Tournament of Minds Coordinator and Facilitator