From the Principal

End of Year Celebrations

I have heard in the last few weeks several parents and staff comment on the pace at which this year has flown.  It is interesting to note that I have not heard many students comment on this.  Perhaps it is my age?!  There is some research to suggest that a slowing metabolism as we age may influence our perception of time.   Other research suggests a drop in dopamine levels may make time appear to run faster.  Another theory is that the more familiar we become with the regular, day-to-day experiences of life, the faster time seems to go, and largely, this familiarity increases with age. No matter what the theory, there is no doubt that this year has been jam-packed with wonderful experiences for everyone in our school community.

It has been wonderful to be a witness to Kurrajong Christmas, the Year 6 Graduation and see the excitement on the faces of our Year 2 students after their Moving On ceremony.  On Sunday evening, the Parents and Friends of Pulteney hosted our Year 12 Valedictorians and their parents for dinner and I thank the Deputy Principal, Mr Greg Atterton, the Director of Community Relations, Mr Mark Bourchier and Ms Annie Kwok, as well as the Parents and Friends Committee, for giving of their time to this event. 

Pulteney Celebrates was a brilliant celebration of our school community and the outstanding efforts of our students, with awards and prizes spanning Kurrajong to Year 12 and a final acknowledgement of our Valedictorians.  I thank all of the staff who contributed to the success of the evening (the planning for which begins over two terms in advance).  Thank you, too, to all of the students who presented speeches and performed so brilliantly.  It truly was a memorable night. 

Staff News

Sally Leonard (School Nurse) has informed me of her resignation, with her last day at Pulteney being 14 December 2018.  Sal has shown such wonderful care and compassion for students, staff and parents since 2006.  Her warmth and dedication will be sorely missed.  Whilst it is very sad for us to say farewell to Sal, she has been appointed to an exciting new role at Immanuel Primary School and we wish her every success in the future.

I am pleased to advise of the continuation of employment in 2019 at Pulteney for the following staff:

  • Richard Austin – Middle School and one ninety Art and Design
  • James Burrows – Middle School Mathematics, Science and Wellbeing
  • Hilary Coleman – one ninety Chemistry
  • Jess Greco – Middle School and one ninety English and Critical Film Studies
  • Michael Moularas – Middle School Physical Education, English, Humanities and Wellbeing
  • Terry-Ann Newman – Kurrajong Year 1 Term 1 replacement (for Natalie Natsias, Acting Head of Kurrajong)
  • Olivia Taheny – one ninety Mathematics
  • Glyn Whatley – Middle School and one ninety Physical Education and Middle School Science (in addition to Sports Coordination)
 Staff who have recently commenced this term:
  • Todd Andrews – Sports Coordination
  • Will Beedham – Rowing
  • Belinda Richards – Human Resources
 Newly appointed staff for 2019 include:
  • Karen Bruce – Laboratory Technician Science
  • Elisabeth Fiddler – Kurrajong Year 2
  • Matthew King – Prep School Year 5
  • Rachael Torbet – Prep School Year 6
With thanks

I express my deep gratitude to all who have contributed to our wonderful School throughout 2018.  At Pulteney we are so fortunate to have so many generous people who volunteer, role model, give and collaborate. 

I extend my very best wishes to all for a safe and peaceful festive season and I look forward to welcoming everyone back in 2019, the School’s 20th anniversary of co-education, for a new year of learning.


Anne Dunstan