LEGO Robotics

The Pulteney Pro Programmers LEGO Robotics team participated in the regional finals on Saturday 10 November. The team was made up of the following Prep and Middle School students: Mark Xu, Diesel Kereru, Lucy Wilson, Owen White, Niah Kilgariff-Johnson, Philip Tan, Charles Delin, Julian Grobelski and Lachlan Perry. The competition involves three distinct components: research project, robot design and programming and core values.

The research project involved using the theme “Into Orbit” to inspire an original idea that could be utilised by Space Travellers in the future. Our team looked at the psychological impact of being confined to a small space ship with a large number of people for an extended period of time. The team ended up developing an application to track, monitor and assist the wellbeing of space travellers.

Robot design is always a very challenging part of the competition. The students need to look at the game board and design a series of contraptions to push, pull, collect, deliver and interact with various puzzles on the board. They also need to write programs that drive the robot with enormous precision and accuracy around the game board.

The final component is the Core Values interview where the students undergo an intense interview with the judges to ascertain how they have worked as a team and how they have demonstrated “Gracious Professionalism” throughout the season. The students are also observed over competition day to ensure that all team members are being actively included in each aspect of the competition. To the team’s credit, they impressed the judges so much that they won the Teamwork award and a place in the State Championships which was held two weeks later.

The State Championships were held on Saturday 24 November. The team once again presented their project and undertook the core value interview. In the two weeks leading up to this event, team members worked hard to improve their robot. On the day, the focus and determination of the team to produce their best run was evident every time they took to the practice tables. However, we were unable to replicate the runs practised on the game table and we didn’t progress any further in the competition this year. Nevertheless, the whole team should be very proud of all they have achieved throughout the season. Mr. Ranieri and I have both seen enormous growth in all team members and we hope that many of them will be back for the 2019 season.

Georgie Buenfeld
Learning Area Leader – Digital Technologies