First LEGO League National Championships – Melbourne, 2019

On 24 November the Pulteney Pro Programmers travelled to Melbourne to compete in the First LEGO League Robotics National Championships at Swinburne University. Team members included Charles Delin, Thomas Mitchell, Connor Dennis, Owen White, Mark Xu, Imogen Thompson, Emma Totman, Joshua Holmes and Lincoln Davey. The competition involved three core components: the project, robot design and performance and core values.

For the project challenge, students presented their relaxation pod for city workers that also doubled as a homeless shelter. They worked with Josephine Evans, an architect from JPE Design Studio, on their concept and had the opportunity to present it to the Adelaide City Council. Students received lots of positive feedback from the national judges as to the potential for their solution to impact positively on a city landscape.

The robot design and performance challenge is always a highlight of the competition. Students presented their engineering solutions to the judges explaining their choices in detailed technical language. Students were also assessed throughout the day on their teamwork as they worked to perfect their robot runs on the game board. On run two they scored their highest point score of 230 points for the entire season.

A core values interview helped judges determine if the team can work as a cohesive unit. This was arguably one of our most impressive performances. Our team was made up of students aged between 10 and 14 and the fact that they worked so well together was a credit to all of them.

All students are to be congratulated on their performance over the entire season. They have represented the school admirably and have learned so much along the way. While we didn’t win a prize at nationals, Mr Ranieri and I were so very proud of their efforts and how they conducted themselves. Thanks must go to all the parents who came along to Melbourne to support us and help with team logistics. We are already planning our next campaign for the 2020 FLL season.

Georgie Buenfeld and Tom Ranieri

Team Facilitators