Middle School Leadership

Middle School Leadership

At our first Middle School assembly of the year we inducted the 2018 Prefects and House Leaders. Our Principal, Mrs Dunstan, our Deputy Principal, Mr Atterton, and the Heads of House joined us for this assembly, as did many of the parents of our student leaders.  Our Prefects and House Leaders were presented with badges and they all made the leaders oath.

The entire Middle School enthusiastically congratulated our new leaders and we look forward to their leadership throughout the year.

The Middle School Prefects for 2018 are:

Rose Herriot; Stefan Gould; Daniel Hassan; Amber Lennox; Sam Beahan; Kalea Healey; Jeremy Ninio; Helen Wan; Anna Champion; Tom Hillock; Bethany Burgess; Jeanne Lombard and Maddy Stephenson.

The Middle School House Leaders for 2018 are:

Bleby Howard: Matthew Button; Lili Keene and Sam Milewski

Cawthorne Nicholls: Tamsin Evans; Will Evans and Ellie Georgaris

Kennion Miller: Emilia Dolphin; Sophie Rundle and Satyanand Shawgi

Moore Sunter: Erin Beard; Jessica Sallis and Angus Winter

Sports Captains

Our Head of Sport, Huw Bowen, has introduced in 2018 another series of leadership positions -Middle School Sports Captains. The Middle School Sports Captains for 2018 are:

Softball: Ellie Georgaris

Cricket: Sam Milewski

Volleyball: Grace Meulders and Travis Lewin

Tennis: Piero Jaksa, Simone Chiera and Anya Ecimovic

Swimming: Isabella Zlatkovic and Lara Gugllielmucci

Athletics: Maddy Stephenson and Will Evans

Cross Country: Jeanne Lombard and Angus Winter

Football: Tamsin Evans, Jessica Sallis and Gabriel Luksich

Netball: Rose Herriot

Soccer: Alex Symons and Lili Keene

Hockey: Matthew Button

Student Body Reps

Last year we introduced the ‘Student Body’. Students from each Tutor group in Year 7 and 8 form the Student Body as class reps. The process for selection will be outlined to students in coming weeks.  A group of Prefects with teacher support will run the Student Body. This group will provide suggestions to improve the Middle School; devise activities, which will increase student engagement beyond their Tutor group, which will allow students to broaden friendships and help promote class spirit.  We will be acknowledging these students at a separate Middle School assembly.

Leadership is everyone’s responsibility

As much as we have created a large number of student leadership opportunities in the Middle School, our emphasis is on leadership being a responsibility of every individual. We want students to understand that leadership is not a title but a behaviour; a behaviour that demonstrates care and respect towards others.  I believe good leaders are generous people, who consider others needs before themselves and that attitude, understanding and behaviour is what we are seeking from our students. In our teaching we work to ensure that every student understands the importance of demonstrating leadership.


Paul Ryan

Head of Middle School