From the Chaplain

From the Chaplain

Baptism, Marriage and Weddings, Faith, New Beginnings and Epiphany’s (moments of sudden and great revelation or realization) all these things have been filling my head as I think about the gospel message from the Sunday’s in January. And this a time of year where many clergy take time off and parishes have a quiet month! For me reflecting on these themes has made for a great start to the school year.

The Epiphany story that we are most familiar with is account of Three Kings/Wiseman/Magi offering gifts to the baby Jesus. These characters had been mindful of this event for a lifetime. They had been anticipating the arrival of a messiah all their life. As had Simeon and Anna, whose story was celebrated last Sunday in the celebration of Candlemas/The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple. In the Christian story this is when God is made manifest to the world. In part of the Christian Church, especially countries influence by the Spanish Roman Catholic and Orthodox traditions, Epiphany is THE festival, when families gather, worship together, exchange gifts and celebrate.

The revealed mystery of God is no longer, if it ever was, only for the chosen few. St Paul in Ephesians says it plainly, ‘There is no longer Jew of Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male or female; for all of you are one in Christ’. This is the good news that Christians bear witness to make God’s glory known.

Today’s Gentiles (the ancient world’s rejected peoples) are the excluded, the shunned, the poor and marginalized. What are the gifts that we will offer to the world? How will we shine the light of Christ into a world that needs good news? Regardless of our faith status, we all appreciate and have benefited from the unconditional hope filled generosity of others. 

Like the Three Kings, Simeon and Anna, we all have things that we pay attention to. The needs others that we resonate with and that are readily drawn into our hearts and minds. As we approach the season of Lent, it is appropriate to think of the ways we might give greater emphasis to that which we care about and are passionate for, more prominence in our everyday living.

Magdalene Centre

Providing gifts of food and op shop items for the Magdalene Centre continues to be a regular opportunity for us to do something kind. Donations can be brought to the Chapel Foyer. Basket and boxes have been labelled so that we can sort and care for your donations. Thank you for your ongoing generosity

Special Services

Ash Wednesday is earlier this year, next Wednesday Week 3, February 14. A special service involving imposition of ashes will involve all students. It will take place at the beginning of the school day 8.40 am, in the Robert Henshall Gym involving Prep, Middle School and One Ninety. Kurrajong will have this service as part of the regular chapel on Thursday afternoon.

Chaplaincy for 2018

Reverend Michael Lane will work with the whole school community. Michael is at Pulteney every school day and is available to conduct special services, such as baptism, weddings at other times.

I can be contacted at any time for any pastoral needs. Please email, phone 8216 5512, 0434 297 879 or contact the school office. Let me know if you have an interest in saying Morning Prayer together. Please feel invited to join this or any other service.

Deep Peace,