Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning 2018

Experiential learning is when learners purposefully engage in direct experience and focused reflection to increase their knowledge, develop skills, clarify values, and develop their capacity to contribute to their communities. Experiential learning occurs regularly in students' lives at Pulteney, through initiatives undertaken at school and through the local community and is part of understanding the world. Opportunities to extend students comfort zones through adventure, community and cultural activities are imperative in today's society, and important to each student's development.

Pulteney offers many experiential learning opportunities including overseas, interstate and local experiences for service, curriculum, sporting, cultural, conservation and adventure based learning. We aim to provide a wide variety of experiences for students in a range of interest areas and in diverse locations.

In 2018, Pulteney is delighted to present a study and cultural learning program to Japan, a service learning program to Nepal, an adventure program to New Zealand and an indigenous cultural program to Central Australia. In addition to these extended programs, adventure learning and conservation focused programs will be conducted in a range of locations within South Australia and interstate through the Venture Club and Conservation Corps.

Overview of 2018 Programs


Program Style

Program location

Focus of the program


Level of Challenge

Adventure and Conservation


Surfing and coastal conservation

10 to 12 March

Introductory to intermediate


Years 8 to 12




15 to 20 April



Years 7 to 12


Central Australia

Indigenous cultural and adventure learning

16 July to 25 July



Year 9 to 12



Falls Creek

Downhill skiing

14 to 21 July

All ability levels


Years 10 to 12



Yookamurra Wildlife Sanctuary conservation program

2 and 3 August

Introductory to intermediate


Years 8 to 12


Adelaide Hills

Pulteney Challenge

15 and 16 September


Years 7 to 12

Service and Cultural


Service learning

21 September to 7 October

All ability levels


Years 10 to 12

Language curriculum and Cultural


Cultural learning

23 September to 5 October

Language and Culture focused


Years 10 and 11


Central Victoria

Youth Adventure Challenge

28 September to 2 October

Intermediate to advanced


Years 10 and 11


New Zealand

Hiking and adventure culmination

9 to 22 December



Years 11 and 12


Each program is unique to Pulteney and specifically designed for student interest and ability levels. Experiential Learning programs are run in partnership with external organisations that specialise in the field, to ensure outcomes are met at the highest level and risk mitigation is comprehensive.

Specific program information will be provided to students in the coming weeks through presentations and correspondence. Information sessions for parents will be offered for certain programs, details of these will be provided to students and parents in the coming weeks. To register your child’s interest in one or more of the experiential learning programs, please click on the link below. Registering your child’s interest is not a commitment to the program but will allow program organisers to begin their initial planning and make direct contact regarding information sessions and program details.

Expression of Interest registration link: http://bit.ly/2iOPuLB

Program costs vary depending on location, numbers and logistics. For each program, there is an application process. Further details regarding the application process will be provided, once your son or daughter’s expression of interest is registered. Please contact me if you have any general inquiries regarding registering your child’s interest, at the email address below.

Pulteney’s experiential learning programs aim to develop students understanding of the world and empathy for others, whilst also providing a rewarding and memorable experience that will last forever. I encourage you and your child to carefully consider one of these programs for 2018.

Daniel Polkinghorne

Coordinator of Experiential Learning